Jimmy Kimmel Live: Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge & Kissing Booth


Jimmy Kimmel Live: YouTube Challenge

Jimmy Kimmel kicked off his show with a look at his celebrity kissing booth and the issue of a new Valentine-themed YouTube challenge for viewers.

Jimmy Kimmel: Celebrity Kissing Booth

On Hollywood Boulevard, Jimmy Kimmel Live set up a Celebrity Kissing Booth. To test it out, Guillermo was outside on the street. First up was a viewer named Amy, who stepped right up to lock lips with Guillermo, only the Plexiglas of the booth wall between them.


After a quick disinfectant wipe, next up was Will, who was enthusiastic about participating in the gag. There was actually quite a crowd outside the studio, I guess lying in wait to kiss Jessica Alba.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Obama State of the Union

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Valentine's Day YouTube Challenge & Kissing Booth

Jimmy Kimmel encouraged viewers to submit videos in a Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge. (bloomua / Shutterstock.com)

President Barack Obama gave his fifth State of the Union address on February 12 2013, focusing on jobs in America. Kimmel said the president’s plan for the economy involved Cash 4 Gold.


The Republican response to the rebuttal was pre-empted by a Democratic pre-rebuttal on the day before the President’s speech. “They gave a speech responding to a speech no one had ever heard,” Jimmy said, noting the Inception-like levels involved.

Jimmy Kimmel Show: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

This week also marks the 50th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, which was first published in 1964. He joked that the magazine has yet to sell one swimsuit, but Kate Upton is on the cover again.

Kate traveled to Antarctica to get the cover photo that will be sold or downloaded millions of times this year.

Jimmy Kimmel: George W Bush Self-Portraits

Hackers who tapped in to former president George W Bush’s private email accounts supposedly uncovered Bush’s self-portraits, including one of him in the shower, which Kimmel insisted was not a joke.

Another image was supposed to be of him in the tub, and Jimmy Kimmel had a hard time trying to imagine Bush painting anything, much less a self-portrait.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Valentine’s Day YouTube Challenge

At Halloween, Jimmy Kimmel gets parents to tell their kids that all the candy is gone and secretly videotape their reactions. For Valentine’s Day, he suggested wrapping a package about the size of a jewelry box, but filling it with something you know the recipient would not like.

“Put something weird in the box, videotape the whole thing, and then upload it to YouTube,” he asked of the audience. You should call your video: Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Gave My Wife Or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For Valentine’s Day.

The highlights of the best videos will be featured on a future episode. Kimmel advised that no one be harmed or killed, and that no property be damaged in the making of these videos.

Jimmy Kimmel: Mother’s Day YouTube Challenge

Last year, Jimmy issued a similar gag gift challenge for Mother’s Day, which resulted in one mom opening a box containing a live goose.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kimye Christ The Redeemer

During a trip to Rio, future parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West mimicked the famous pose of the statue of Christ The Redeemer. “It’s ironic because Jesus died for our sins, and Kim got eight reality shows for hers,” Jimmy said.

Jimmy Kimmel: Hitchhiker Kai Zero Dark Thirty Review

The 85th Academy Awards are airing Sunday, February 24 2013 on ABC. Jimmy suggested that he get Kai, the hatchet-wielding hitchhiker, to watch the best picture nominees. Here is what Kai had to say about Zero Dark Thirty.

Kai’s Korner Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty Review

Kai said the movie was about fluoride in water and keeping our bodies alkaline. I have not seen the movie for myself, but I am guessing that Kai’s comments about coffee and Vitamin C did not relate in any substantive way to the film’s plot. “Take out the rich before they take out you,” he concluded.


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