Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tummy Talk Review & Trick Shot Titus Challenge


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tummy Talk Percussion

Have you ever heard of Tummy Talk? This is one musical performance that stands out from the pack. Plus, Jimmy is getting ready to take on a baby when Trick Shot Titus visits a future episode.

Jimmy Kimmel: Trick Shot Titus

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tummy Talk Review & Trick Shot Titus Challenge

Jimmy Kimmel challenged the men of Tummy Talk: can they do it live? Plus, he accepted a challenge from two-year-old basketball player Trick Shot Titus.


Recently, Jimmy Kimmel showed a clip of a Kansas two-year-old who is a basketball expert with his Little Tikes playset. But when the child, Titus, missed most of his shots in a Today Show appearance, Jimmy smelled something fishy and made fun of the kid.

Now, the father has responded with a new video. In it, Trick Shot Titus continued to fire off shot after successful shot in the background while his dad addressed Kimmel. The family had a challenge for Kimmel: a game of HORSE on the show.

“Jimmy, you’re going down,” Titus said. The child will soon appear on Jimmy’s show for a head-to-head challenge.


“Tune in to watch me compete with a baby,” Kimmel promised.

Tummy Talk Drum Solo: Can They Do It Live?

The men of Tummy Talk, an online video sensation from Salt Lake City, visited Jimmy’s show for a live performance. The quartet has millions of YouTube views already, and it was produced by a Utah Jazz employee.

The Tummy Talk group performs percussion on the large body of one of its members. They have a decent sound, and the January 2013 video was accomplished in five takes. They needed a big guy to be the drum.

Now the group’s challenge was to recreate their popular viral video live on Jimmy’s show. Can they do it live?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tummy Talk Review

The performance really is three men in tuxedos playing the drums on various areas of a large man’s body, and they sound like they are playing professional drums. They managed to successfully execute the song from their video on Jimmy’s show, so yes, they can do it live.

I wonder if that is a future Utah Jazz halftime entertainment show.


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