Jimmy Kimmel Live: Supreme Court Gay Marriage & True Meaning Of Easter


Jimmy Kimmel: Easter Eggs & Louie Anderson

Jimmy Kimmel shared his thoughts about gay marriage, which is before the Supreme Court, as well as Louie Anderson’s bruised ribs on the show Splash. Plus, Cousin Mickey quizzed kids about Easter.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Supreme Court Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court heard arguments on whether gay marriage is constitutional. Jimmy said that conservative action groups argued to uphold the ban. California’s Prop 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act are both up for debate before the courts.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Supreme Court Gay Marriage & True Meaning Of Easter

Jimmy Kimmel talked about this week’s Supreme Court gay marriage cases, as well as considering the true meaning of Easter in his show’s opening segment.

Opponents claim gay marriage would undermine the institution, but Kimmel said that Kim Kardashian has already taken care of that. Jimmy said that we shouldn’t hold our breath, because “I never make good decisions when I’m wearing a robe.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Splash Louie Anderson Bruised Ribs

Dancing With The Stars had its first elimination of the season. The host suggested some synergy between DWTS and the competitive celebrity diving show Splash.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar broke a toe and fellow contestant Louie Anderson has bruised ribs. Anderson told Access Hollywood that he does not want to die in the competition.

“I’m in it to win it,” he said while attempting to choke back tears. “Stevie Wonder has a better chance at winning a driving competition than Louie Anderson does at winning a diving competition,” according to Jimmy.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Uno Game Show

Mattel is working with TV producers to create a game show version of Uno, which Kimmel said was a terrible game. The prize money could get up to $1 million. What’s next? Jimmy suspected a Go Fish game show could be coming down the pike.

A West Virginia Fox reporter profiled a teacher recently, but the anchor flubbed his lines and had a slip of the tongue that was embarrassing. I’m surprised this type of thing doesn’t happen more often. Thanks to YouTube, we can now immortalize news bloopers.

Jimmy Kimmel: Julia Pierson Secret Service

President Obama has appointed the first female director of the Secret Service, Julia Pierson. She is the first woman in charge in the service’s nearly 150-year history.

Prince William and Kate are expecting their first child in July. Approximations of the baby’s likeness are popping up online. The agre progressions looked like Lea Michele from Glee or what Jimmy thought looked like “a murderer” or “a J. Crew mannequin.”

What if Jimmy Kimmel and Guillermo had a baby? The MorphThing.com technology showed what the look might be, which was not half bad.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: True Meaning Of Easter

Easter is approaching, but Kimmel thinks it is getting too commercial. That is why he sent his Cousin Mickey out on the street to quiz kids about the Easter holiday.

A boy said it was all about the eggs. Another girl chimed in with chocolates and bunnies. Another youngster just wanted to practice his counting.

Mickey turned the tables on the kids and told them that Jesus and the Easter Bunny were best friends. I think her theological suggestions about Good Friday dieting were a little advanced for the kids she ran into.


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