Jimmy Kimmel Live: St. Patrick’s Day 2013 LA Marathon With Cousin Sal


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cousin Sal At The LA Marathon

The LA Marathon took place on St. Patrick’s Day, making it “a big day for involuntary puking.” The men’s division was won by a Kenyan, while a racer from Belarus was the winner among women.

Marathon runners take their sport very seriously, which is why Kimmel sent his non-serious Cousin Sal to entertain the racers along the route.


Jimmy Kimmel: LA Marathon Glued Water

Jimmy Kimmel Live: St. Patrick's Day 2013 LA Marathon With Cousin Sal

Jimmy Kimmel sent his Cousin Sal to the LA Marathon, where he taunted and teased runners with snacks like Lucky Charms, Jello Shots, and Chinese food.

At mile 11, Cousin Sal was on hand with some water glued to a table. The runners did not seemed to appreciate the joke. Most of them got an attitude about it, and one of them even knocked over his table. I kind of hoped these athletes would have more of a sense of humor.


He also offered some runners Jello Shots, which seems like a bad idea along the race route, especially if you are less than halfway through the race.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: LA Marathon Prize Wheel

Also on the menu from Uncle Sal was a shrimp cocktail, which were at least dyed green for the holiday. I don’t know how they explained the leftover Chinese food they also offered to racers.

Later, it was time to let racers spin a prize wheel for the chance to win something great. The wheel just kept spinning, to slow the runners down. Other racers had a chance to eat Lucky Charms, which meant they had to share a spoon with countless passing strangers. I guess they didn’t think about that because they were in a hurry.

Jimmy Kimmel: St. Patrick’s Day Marathon

Cousin Sal also handed one racer a leprechaun, which can only enhance the workout element of your race experience. Have you ever attempted to run a marathon? I doubt that I have the endurance required.


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