Jimmy Kimmel Live: Science Bob Beer Fountains & Florida Pet Bear


Jimmy Kimmel: Science Bob & The Last Stand

Jimmy Kimmel had Science Bob create a Beer Fountain on Hollywood Boulevard. He also reviewed the new movie The Last Stand and warned Florida residents about a bear on the loose.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Last Stand Review

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Science Bob Beer Fountains & Florida Pet Bear

Jimmy Kimmel Live got Science Bob to do a demonstration of beer fountains on Hollywood Boulevard and the host shared his thoughts on The Last Stand.


Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to movies with The Last Stand in January 2013. The movie chronicled the leader of a drug cartel versus a small town sheriff. In the movie, the former governor co-starred with Johnny Knoxville.

Jimmy suggested that Schwarzenegger update his catchphrase to “I’ll be back problems.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Pet Bear Loose In Florida

Someone’s pet bear cub escaped from a house and was on the loose. Florida residents are apparently allowed to own bears. But if you run into a bear, authorities suggested that you clap your hands and yell, “Bear, go home.”


Jimmy was dubious that this strategy would work to fend off a bear attack. “Usually the only thing that happens when you clap your hands in Florida is the lights go out,” he joked. “If you do live in Florida, move.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Science Bob Beer Fountains

Science Bob was on Hollywood Boulevard with a Beer Fountains experiment for the audience. He used an “ultrasonic medical instrument cleaner” and modified it into a beer dispenser.

The plan was to use high frequency vibrations to increase the volume of beer and spray it high into the air. That seems like a waste of beer, if you ask me.

“That is not a practical way to dispense beer,” Jimmy said, observing that Science Bob was only able to collect foam in his mug.

Jimmy Kimmel: Unnecessary Censorship

For an encore presentation of This Week In Unnecessary Censorship, the Jimmy Kimmel Live team spliced together clips of news reports about Lance Armstrong, Matt Lauer at the Golden Globes, Fox News on Manti Te’O, and even The Talk’s Julie Chen.

Then there was the Damian Lewis acceptance speech, Spongebob Squarepants, local news, and The Biggest Loser. Even Wheel of Fortune and Sesame Street were not immune. Why is this always funny to me?


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