Jimmy Kimmel Live: Ray J Kim Kardashian Single & Kung Fu Grandpa Video


Jimmy Kimmel: Margaret Thatcher & Nunchucks

Jimmy Kimmel shared how the death of Margaret Thatcher caused a brief panic on Twitter, and then explained the concept of big booting, before sharing the latest update on his efforts to #freebiebersmonkey. Plus, have you seen the Kung Fu Grandpa yet?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: California Wind Advisory

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Ray J Kim Kardashian Single & Kung Fu Grandpa Video

Jimmy Kimmel joked about the Ray J Kim Kardashian single the singer is so proud of and the Kung Fu Grandpa nunchuks viral video you have to see to believe.


Southern California was subject to high wind advisories this week, making for some interesting local news. When weather makes the news on the West Coast, it is a breaking news event. Jimmy showed a clip of an anchor describing growing winds, which actually resembled a gentle breeze.

“When they predict high winds, you at least want to see a Hilton sister blow away,” he said.

Jimmy Kimmel: Margaret Thatcher Dead & Ray J Kim Kardashian Single

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher passed away at 87. The news hit social media, which came up with the Twitter hashtag #nowthatchersdead. That caused some confusion, because it spells out “Now That Cher’s Dead.” The good news is that Cher is alive.


Ray J, Brandy’s brother, who co-starred in the “movie” that launched Kim Kardashian’s career, has released a new song allegedly referring to his relationship with Kim, called “I Hit It First.” What do you think about this? Is he the new Taylor Swift?

Jimmy suggested that Kanye’s follow-up track might be, “Yeah, But I Made It Pregnant.” Kimmel said the truth is probably just that Ray J was the first to get “it” on tape.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kung Fu Grandpa Nunchucks Viral Video

Gary Busey from Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars is making more viral videos, thanks to his enthusiasm for creating an advertising campaign for Melania Trump’s skin care line. He was enamored of her beauty. I’m so glad that Busey can still bring the crazy.

A reverend in Virginia spotted someone playing with nunchucks in a grocery store parking lot.he got it on tape and even added some color commentary. The result was kind of sublime, and even included a freestyle weather forecast. Check out the Kung Fu Grandpa nunchucks viral video.

Jimmy Kimmel: Big Booting Game

Massachusetts middle school students have started a new game called Big Booting, which involves kicking a student in the head while wearing work boots. This is not actually a game, but more of an assault. Several students have been suspended, while one has been arrested. What is the craziest thing you ever witnessed on the playground?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: #FreeBiebersMonkey

As for Justin Bieber’s monkey, Mally, the singer’s pet was quarantined in Germany on March 28 2013. The saga continues, and the monkey remains in an animal shelter, which now wants to keep the monkey and give it a good home. Jimmy is continuing his campaign to #freebiebersmonkey.

His threat was to kill David Hasselhoff if the monkey is not returned by Thursday at midnight. To show he was serious, Kimmel had Guillermo blow up a German chocolate cake packed with explosives.

Also in on the campaign to save Mally is Kid Rock. I wonder what other celebrities will be in on the act before the week is over. Don’t forget to tweet #freebiebersmonkey to show your support.


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