Jimmy Kimmel Live: Presidents Day Quiz & NBA Jeremy Evans Painting


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tiger Woods Vs Obama

On Presidents’ Day, Jimmy Kimmel reflected on the near-legacy of almost-president Mitt Romney and issued kids a Presidents Day quiz challenge. “Did you know that our 12th president, Zachary Taylor, was a cast member on the show Home Improvement?” he asked.

President Obama spent his three-day weekend playing golf in Florida with Tiger Woods. His wife took the kids skiing in Colorado, and Kimmel said that this illustrates what a strong marriage the Obamas have, because Bill Clinton would never have gotten the same deal.


Jimmy Kimmel: Presidents Day Quiz

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Presidents Day Quiz & NBA Jeremy Evans Painting

Jimmy Kimmel Live put kids to the test with a Presidents Day quiz and showed off the remarkable self-portrait made by NBA star Jeremy Evans. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

To see how much kids really know about Presidents’ Day, Jimmy sent his cousin Mickey to ask kids about their presidential knowledge. What are they really teaching in schools these days?


One girl said that George Washington was the current president. The cherry tree was a popular topic. Someone else called his wooden teeth “gross.” Since Washington is on the dollar bill, does that mean he created money?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Gettysburg Address

Kids will believe almost anything. Just ask Lincoln, who was named after Abraham Lincoln. Everyone seemed to know that Lincoln was instrumental in freeing the slaves. Another girl recounted her version the Lincoln assassination to an incredulous Cousin Mickey.

The Gettysburg Address came up in one conversation, but when Mickey tried to recite it with the girl, it devolved into the Pledge of Allegiance. Mickey would be a great kindergarten teacher, if only she brushed up on her facts first.

Jimmy Kimmel: NBA Jeremy Evans Painting

More than 1,100 people were hurt when a meteor exploded over a Russian city.There are lots of cell phone videos of the meteor, which is a pretty amazing consequence of modern times.

For the NBA All Star Weekend in Houston, West beat East for the third consecutive year. Kimmel noted some of the stats, but the most impressive moment might have come from Jeremy Evans.

He dunked over a covered painting, which turned out to be an image of himself performing that same dunk. That is actually sufficiently impressive.


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