Jimmy Kimmel Live: New Jersey Tanning Laws & What Does YOLO Mean?


Jimmy Kimmel: YOLO & New Jersey Tanning Laws

In tonight’s Jimmy Kimmel monologue, learn how the Tan Mom sparked changes to New Jersey Tanning Laws and discover what people think the acronym YOLO means. Take a guess for yourself–what does YOLO mean?–and read on.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jimmy Kimmel Vs Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Kimmel Live: New Jersey Tanning Laws & What Does YOLO Mean?

Jimmy Kimmel Live explained the updated New Jersey Tanning Laws in honor of tan mom’s example and asked people on Hollywood Boulevard: what does YOLO mean?


Jimmy Kimmel marked a night of history being made in late night TV. NBC announced that another Jimmy will take over The Tonight Show after the 2014 Olympics. In the first of many confusing moments, Kimmel said he thought he would be taking the top spot at the Tonight Show.

Baseball season is kicking off, and the Toronto Blue Jays lost their first game of the season last night. Jimmy showed video of enthusiastic fans, including one who got a little handsy with a friend in the stands.

Jimmy Kimmel: New Jersey Tanning Laws

New Jersey governor Chris Christie signed a new law that prohibits kids under 17 from using tanning beds and kids under 14 from spray tanning. What do you think about this policy? It may have been instituted after the action of the Tan Mom, who was a brief news sensation in 2012.


The American Suntanning Association does not support the new law, which they say could drive teens to beaches, which they think is a more harmful way to tan. But Kimmel said Christie could personally block out the sun on the state’s beaches.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: President Obama Antichrist?

Did you know that 13% of US voters think President Obama is the antichrist? “You wouldn’t think the antichrist’s wife would be into organic gardening,” Kimmel joked.

Another 13% said they are not sure whether Obama is the antichrist. That is a very confusing thing to think about, no matter what your political views. Some voters also appear to believe that the moon landing was fake, Bin Laden is alive, and “reptile people are living in disguise on Earth.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Beer Boat Viral Video

To brighten the mood, Jimmy showed a video highlighting water safety. In fact, it was the same viral video featured on The Tonight Show, involving a beer toss that knocked a boat passenger overboard.

A high school junior in Texas stood up against the STAR standardized test. Though it was not graded, this student’s class was a practice group. So the student wrote YOLO on his essay page and tweeted a picture to the school district.

This resulted in a four-day suspension for the student. Kimmel said that YOLO is more annoying and punishable than whatever policy the kid may have violated.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: What Does YOLO Mean?

Do you know what YOLO means? To find out if the average person does know, the show put a camera on Hollywood Boulevard.

  • The answers included a pop star, “overdone falafel,” and “something to do with drugs.”
  • “This must be something those teenagers do on a little texting machine,” said one man. Indeed it is.
  • Other pedestrians tried to parse the acronym, and at least one man thought the word was “yodel.”
  • My advice? Do not ask people to use YOLO in a sentence.

(By the way, YOLO stands for “you only live once.”)


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