Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lululemon Yoga Pants Shortage PSA & Bears Addiction


Jimmy Kimmel: Lululemon & Bears On Drugs

Find out what happens when bears do drugs and how Jimmy Kimmel fans are reacting to the Lululemon Yoga Pants shortage.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Penguins Play With iPad

The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach gave its penguins an iPad to play with. The iPad had an app designed for cats, but the penguins seemed to take quite a liking to it as well.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lululemon Yoga Pants Shortage PSA & Bears Addiction

Jimmy Kimmel shared a public service announcement about the Lululemon Yoga Pants Shortage and a cartoon based on Russian bears who are addicted to huffing.

Ultimately, the penguins ended up watching a video of penguins mating. Maybe that will give them some ideas to help them carry on the species.

Jimmy Kimmel: Russian Bears Huffing

Elsewhere in the animal kingdom, bears in Russia are addicted to huffing gasoline and kerosene. The bears breathe the fumes and can pass out as a result.


“I don’t know if he’s high or just pretending to be high so he can eat you,” Kimmel said.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Gummi Bears Strange Addiction

Since these bears are addicted to drugs, Jimmy and his comedy team thought of a mashup idea. They combined My Strange Addiction with the classic Gummi Bears cartoon.

This is one mashup video you have to see, because it synced up pretty well. How do they think of this stuff? Let’s just say that the bears might not be the only ones sniffing fumes.

Jimmy Kimmel: Lululemon Yoga Pants Recall

Lululemon has recalled a run of its popular yoga pants because some of them were apparently sheer enough to be see-through. The recall has resulted in a yoga pants shortage.

“I know this sounds like a joke, but for white people, it isn’t a joke,” he said.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Yoga Pants Public Service Announcement

The company’s stock fell as a result of the news, but Kimmel suggested finding some other pants to wear in the meantime. Women came together to get the word out in a public service announcement about the yoga pants shortage.

The ladies all agreed that women should team up and find a way to remedy the situation, instead of making pants from cardboard or bubble wrap.


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