Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lady Gaga Birthday & Rollie Egg Master Review


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lady Gaga & Achievements

Jimmy Kimmel acknowledged Lady Gaga’s birthday, reported on a profitable app for a British teen, and asked American youngsters about their greatest accomplishments.

Jimmy Kimmel: Rollie Egg Master Review

Jimmy Kimmel: Lady Gaga Birthday & What's Your Greatest Achievement?

Jimmy Kimmel shared his Lady Gaga birthday gift idea and asked teenagers about their greatest achievements, after a UK 17-year-old sold his app to Yahoo. (vipflash / Shutterstock.com)


Then there was the commercial for the Rollie Egg Master. If you have trouble cooking eggs, this weird egg contraption cooks eggs into a popsicle shape, which makes them even less attractive. Would you ever use this product?

Jimmy Kimmel: Lady Gaga Birthday

Lady Gaga is celebrating a birthday this week. She has turned 27, and Jimmy said that she was the product of what happened when “Elton John and a unicorn simultaneously sneezed into a bucket of glitter pens.” For her birthday, Kimmel got her a GAP gift card.

Jimmy Kimmel: Yahoo Summly App

A 17-year-old from the UK just sold his mobile app to Yahoo for $30 million. The inventor created Summly, which summarized news articles. Kimmel said when he was 17, he sold parachute pants in a retail store.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: What’s Your Greatest Accomplishment?

Out on Hollywood Boulevard, Jimmy Kimmel Live asked teenagers about their greatest accomplishments. The answers included skateboarding, high school band achievement, math test scores, and knocking out a kid in hockey.

“When I was three, I drank yellow paint,” one girl said. Another young man said that he collects bottle caps with his brother. Someone else has caught all the Pokemon. It’s good to know that feat is actually possible.

Share your greatest teenage achievement in the comments below.

Jimmy Kimmel: Unnecessary Censorship

Who made it into This Week In Unnecessary Censorship? Candidates included local news, the Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, and basketball coverage of March Madness.

Dancing With The Stars, Kim Kardashian, local news, and Ike Davis of the New York Mets were also parodied. The People’s Court got bleeped, as did Bill O’Reilly and local news from around the country. It’s always good for a laugh.


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