Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kim Kardashian Privacy & Best Actor In Real Life


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Best Actor

The band Churchill performed on Jimmy Kimmel tonight. However, Jimmy had some other topics to cover first. He talked about Kim Kardashian privacy rules, the new Joe Biden portrait, and the award for Best Actor in Real Life.

Jimmy Kimmel: Joe Biden Portrait

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kim Kardashian Privacy & Best Actor In Real Life

Jimmy Kimmel Live shared an easy acronym to help outline the new Kim Kardashian privacy guidelines and awarded a statue for best actor in real life. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


He looked at the new portrait of Vice President Joe Biden, who is smiling and confident in his picture. “He looks like someone just told him he could stay up late and eat all the Frosted Flakes he wants,” Kimmel said.

And then there are the Kardashians. In a new issue of Cosmopolitan, Kim Kardashian is giving marriage advice. “If your marriage was shorter than a season of Breaking Bad, you’re not allowed to give out marriage advice,” Kimmel said.

That sounds like a fair standard to me.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Kim Kardashian Privacy

Despite repeated claims that Kim and her new beau, Kanye West, want more privacy, they are now in an intimate pose on the cover of a French fashion magazine. “That poor kid. Could you imagine if you had a picture like this of your parents?” Kimmel lamented.

To help the paparazzi out, Jimmy Kimmel came up with a simple acronym so we can all know when it’s safe to take pictures of Kim Kardashian.

  • Posing
  • Retail
  • In Utero
  • Vows
  • Air
  • Caboose
  • YOLO

Jimmy Kimmel: Best Actor In Real Life

Since so many actors were left out at the recent Academy Awards, Jimmy wanted to hand out an award for Best Actor in Real Life.

The nominees included:

  • Manti Te’O
  • Manti Te’O’s Girlfriend
  • Lance Armstrong
  • Mitt Romney
  • Jaleel White (Urkel)

How quickly we forget Dancing With The Stars casts. Who do you think got the award from Jimmy?

The winner of Best Actor In Real Life was Manti Teo’s Girlfriend. From behind a screen, the actor accepted his or her award.


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