Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo Oscars Red Carpet & Tequila Shots


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo At The Oscars

The red carpet can be a scary place, but I don’t think Guillermo from Jimmy Kimmel Live is afraid of anything. He was working the stars and had a couple tricks up his golden sleeve, including some tequila. Would you do a shot with Guillermo? Find out which celebrities took him up on the offer. The night’s show also featured guest Matthew Fox.

Jimmy Kimmel: Guillermo Red Carpet

Jimmy Kimmel was busy hosting his own show yesterday, so he sent Guillermo to the Oscars red carpet in his place. He admitted that he enjoyed a few drinks during his duty before the big show.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo Oscars Red Carpet & Tequila Shots

Jimmy Kimmel Live shared a Guillermo Oscars red carpet report, complete with tequila shots, sack lunches, and a foot massage for Amanda Seyfried. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

What A-lister would you be most excited to talk to on the red carpet? Tell me in the comments.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Amanda Seyfried Feet

Hugh Jackman shook his hand, but was late getting in and would not stop for a question. Guillermo misidentified Don Johnson as Michael Douglas.


Then he met Quvenzhane Wallis, and I can’t even guess what he thought her name was. After she schooled him on her name, she accepted a Fruit Roll-Up from him.

Then he rubbed Amanda Seyfried’s feet before she had to go to the bathroom. Ang Lee said he is “not a pie person,” but preferred apple pie if he had to pick a favorite.

Jimmy Kimmel: Guillermo Oscars Tequila

Guillermo also made conversation with Tommy Lee Jones, who said he was not nervous, and passed on a tequila shot. Channing Tatum agreed to do a shot with him, proving that Tatum is a great sport. Also riding the tequila train was Maria Menounos, but Jennifer Aniston said “no bueno.”

Melissa McCarthy also passed on the shots, as did Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Alan Arkin. Gael Garcia Bernal was not afraid of the tequila, nor was Bryan Cranston, who said it took away his pain. He even took another shot before interviewing Guillermo.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Wolfgang Puck Sack Lunch

Guillermo met Wolfgang Puck, who said that Jimmy told him Guillermo was on a diet. Guillermo gave Wolfgang a lunch that he packed for him, which is pretty funny.

Helen Hunt accepted a fortune cookie speech suggestion from him: “take the bull by the horns.” George Clooney complimented his gold jacket, as did Anne Hathaway. What did you wear on Oscar night?


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