Jimmy Kimmel Live: George W. Bush Dog Paintings & College Basketball


Jimmy Kimmel: Bush Paintings

Jimmy Kimmel shared advice about how to fake interest in the annual basketball tournament. He also shared a look at some of President George W. Bush’s paintings, which have recently surfaced online.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Road Rage Viral Video


Jimmy Kimmel Live: George W. Bush Dog Paintings & College Basketball

Jimmy Kimmel showed off some George W. Bush dog paintings that have recently come to light after an email hacking scandal. (Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com)

Many people head to California and Florida for Spring Break. That always leads to headlines about binge drinking, which remind Jimmy Kimmel of Snooki from Jersey Shore.

In St. Louis, a man and a woman witnessed a surprising act of road rage. Two women got into an altercation, which the man and woman recorded from the safety of their own cars. The video was surprisingly violent, but Kimmel said he appreciated the play-by-play commentary on the video.


Jimmy Kimmel: How To Pretend To Care About March Madness

Jimmy said that he is already out of his March Madness tournament, because there were too many upsets on his bracket. He said he finds the tournament very distracting, and he is not alone. Productivity is often down during this time of year because of college basketball.

If you are one of the people in your office who is not up on college basketball, Jimmy Kimmel shared an instructional video on how to fit in. Tips included “nod in silence,” “use specific lingo,” and “talk about your bracket.”

The best thing you can do, as in any awkward social situation, is to attempt to show an appropriate level of enthusiasm.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: George W. Bush Dog Paintings

There is now an online IQ test for dogs to determine how smart they are. The test costs $60 and measures a variety of cognitive abilities. But Kimmel said the real IQ test is whether humans would pay that much for something so frivolous (spoiler alert: they would).

Paintings by former president George W. Bush continue to surface online after a hacker breached the ex-president’s sister’s emails. Subjects of the paintings include dogs, and he has been taking lessons from an art teacher.

Many world leaders have taken up painting as a hobby, but it is hard to imagine someone powerful spending time with watercolors.

Jimmy Kimmel: President Bush Vs Children

Next, Jimmy Kimmel had the audience guess whether a series of paintings were done by a child or a former president. The audience was pretty good at sussing out the presidential paintings from the work of children.


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