Jimmy Kimmel Live: Gay Couple Or Straight Friends Game


Jimmy Kimmel: Gay Couple Or Straight Friends?

The failed Lindsay Lohan April Fools joke, this week’s DWTS elimination, and a game of Gay Couple Or Straight Friends kicked off the night for Jimmy Kimmel Live. Here is what you missed.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lindsay Lohan Pregnant?

Lindsay Lohan’s April Fools joke was a tweet that she was pregnant. Jimmy Kimmel said that it’s understandable why people would be alarmed, and her message was retweeted 20,000 times.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Gay Couple Or Straight Friends Game

Jimmy Kimmel played a game of Gay Couple Or Straight Friends? with his audience, using real people from Hollywood Boulevard. Can you tell just by looking?

People didn’t get the joke, in part because it was tweeted at 1:30 a.m. on April 2, making it past the April Fools cutoff.

Jimmy Kimmel: Dancing With The Stars Elimination

This week’s Dancing With The Stars theme was a high school prom. That led to a second elimination this season. Wynonna Judd was eliminated with a score of 15 out of 30, lower than the score Jimmy said a baby goat would get on the ballroom floor.


A New Hampshire school district has banned dodgeball because particular students were targets during games. The sport apparently clashed with anti-bullying efforts at the school. But Kimmel disagreed, saying the game teaches important life skills.

“I don’t think dodgeball is bullying,” he said, adding that the only way to end bullying would be to ban children from schools.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cell Phone Close Call Video

A woman dropped her cell phone on the train tracks, and she jumped on the tracks to retrieve it just as a train was pulling in. Two people from the platform grabbed her off the tracks just in time, and someone else managed to capture it all on video.

A Georgia Republican has made the argument that straight people might pretend to be gay and marry one another for health benefits to abuse gay marriage rights. Jimmy Kimmel said you can pretend to be straight and achieve a sham marriage now. If this sounds like a movie, it happened in I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry.

Kimmel said that as a straight man, he does not think he could be in a fake gay relationship just for the fringe benefits.

Jimmy Kimmel: Gay Couple Or Straight Friends?

To test his theory, Jimmy sent his camera out on Hollywood Boulevard to determine whether pairs on the street were gay couples or straight friends. Can you tell just by looking? (For more fun, check out his similar Gay Marriage segment from a recent show.)

First up were Corey from Boston and Rob from Chicago. The audience leaned toward assuming they were a gay couple, but they were straight friends.

Ashton and Jenny, two California girls, were presumed straight by the audience. They turned out to be straight friends.

Seth and Anthony from Indianapolis seemed to have an age disparity, but that could have been a red herring. It was not, and the pair were straight friends.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Straight Friends Or Gay Couple?

Fernando and Eduardo from California seemed to be pretty into one another, but again, I’m always on the hunt for the red herring. They were in fact a gay couple, and Eduardo said Fernando was more gay.

Two girls named Savannah generated a mixed guess from the Jimmy Kimmel audience. However, they turned out to be sisters, which explained why they had the same last name.


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