Jimmy Kimmel Live: #freebiebersmonkey & Jimmy Fallon Vs Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel: Justin Bieber Monkey

Pop star Justin Bieber has a new pet monkey, which was confiscated in Germany by customs agents because Bieber did not have the required papers for the animal, which was put into quarantine. Jimmy Kimmel got his guests to stage an impromptu benefit and used the hashtag #freebiebersmonkey to raise awareness and bring the monkey home.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Justin Bieber Swagger Squad

Jimmy Kimmel Live: #freebiebersmonkey & Jimmy Fallon Vs Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel Live organized an impromptu benefit concert with Gary Allen and Russell Brand to #freebiebersmonkey. How will Kimmel compete with Jimmy Fallon? (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


It has been almost a week since the monkey was put into quarantine. Purported video of the monkey is making the rounds, and Jimmy Kimmel said that someone had to stand up to the Germans.

Since the monkey is important for Justin Bieber’s Swagger Squad, Jimmy thought of ideas about how to free the monkey. He wanted to host an all-star telethon concert, but that idea did not pan out.

Jimmy Kimmel & Gary Allen Duet

Jimmy turned to his guest, Gary Allen, who sang a duet with Jimmy Fallon, changing the lyrics of “Free Fallin’” to capture the essence of the monkey situation. The twosome sang about completing the necessary fees and taking care of the paperwork to free Mally the monkey.


Fellow guest Russell Brand could not stay out of the action, but if you thought Kimmel had a bad singing voice, please plug your ears if you ever see Brand singing. He led the trio in a parody of “Freedom ‘90.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live: #freebiebersmonkey

Kimmel instructed the audience to tweet with the hashtag #freebiebersmonkey to show their support for the stranded monkey.

Jimmy Fallon Vs Jimmy Kimmel

One thing is clear to me: Jimmy Fallon is going to pose much more formidable competition to Jimmy Kimmel than Jay Leno currently does. Leno’s humor is different from the pop culture approach the Jimmys take, featuring segments like this that play on the zeitgeist and lampoon pop culture.

Will the one-year head start be enough for Kimmel to establish a foothold before being challenged by Fallon’s new earlier time?

I also think the smart money is that David Letterman will bow out once Jay Leno is gone forever from the late night landscape. As soon as it is clear Jay won’t be returning to his perch to unseat Fallon, Dave will likely announce his retirement.



  1. Christine Butz says

    I will be watching Jimmy Fallon he is funny & always makes me laugh although a reply to a tweet just once would not kill him! Right?!

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