Jimmy Kimmel Live: Final Four March Madness Skype Scavenger Hunt


Jimmy Kimmel: Skype March Madness

When Jimmy Kimmel hosts a Skype Scavenger Hunt, anything can happen, even a poor Skype connection. But the audience was not prepared for what happened this time. Check out the intense competition between two March Madness fans.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Skype Scavenger Hunt


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Final Four March Madness Skype Scavenger Hunt

Competition in this March Madness edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s Skype Scavenger Hunt got intense as two Final Four fans faced off in an Internet challenge.

The NCAA Final Four was finally revealed after this weekend’s games. Jimmy enlisted two fans from teams who made it to the final rounds of play.

Daniel Leavitt from Syracuse was on hand for the competition. He faced off against grad student Alfred Adderly from the University of Michigan.


Jimmy Kimmel: March Madness Skype Scavenger Hunt

For the scavenger hunt, the two contestants had to follow Jimmy’s instructions. First, they had to come back with all the toilet paper rolls from their respective homes, as the audience waited. It was a blowout, as Alfred had about a dozen to Daniel’s single roll.

Next, the two men had to search for their most embarrassing clothing item. Daniel chose a hat knitted by his mother, while Alfred came up with a leopard print bra, which he claimed was from his Halle Berry Halloween costume.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: March Madness Prizes

For round three, the men had to search for something they had won. Daniel crushed himself under a bookshelf while attempting to retrieve a prize. He might have been seriously hurt, because he did not seem to be moving.

Alfred came back with a tiger that he won from Six Flags. As the crew worked to figure out what was up with Daniel’s situation, someone from the audience suggested calling 911.

Jimmy Kimmel: April Fools Prank

Just then, Alfred burst into Daniel’s frame, because this was obviously an April Fools prank. To save the day, Shaq appeared to help lift the bookcase off Daniel. That was well-played on behalf of Kimmel’s show. What did you think of their prank?


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