Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cousin Sal’s Temp Agency Interviews & ATM Passcode


Jimmy Kimmel: Cousin Sal Hidden Camera

Jimmy Kimmel sent his troublemaking Cousin Sal to a temp agency, where he had the chance to perform fake interviews of potential employment candidates. The night’s guests included Jessica Simpson. But first, check out Cousin Sal’s temp agency interviews.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cousin Sal’s Temp Agency


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cousin Sal's Temp Agency Interviews & ATM Passcode

Jimmy Kimmel sent hidden cameras to a real temp agency to surprise unsuspecting candidates with Cousin Sal’s Temp Agency interviews, including a man who gave up his ATM passcode.

The first candidate, Robert, was a former Marine. This is an interesting hidden camera prank, because you can really find a lot to pick apart on someone’s resume, I would imagine. They are also probably on their best behavior, so they are more likely to temper their baffled reactions.

Robert said that he would have Tony Montana play him in a movie about his life. Sal kept a dour expression during the man’s performance.


Jimmy Kimmel: Cousin Sal ATM Passcode

The next candidate, Roberto, was dressed down for his interview. He was also former military, and Sal forced him to talk about himself in the third person. That has got to be off-putting. Sal even asked him for his ATM passcode, and the guy gave him a number! I hope that wasn’t his real PIN, or that he changed it after this, because now all his friends will know it.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Temp Agency Accents

When the next candidate came in, Sal was on the phone telling a temp not to worry about coughing up blood at a chemical plant. The woman maintained her composure and said that she was good with time management but not skilled in accents.

Sal took a swig out of a vodka bottle in front of her during the interview, which she did not seem to appreciate. She actually gave up on the interview and thanked him for his time.

Jimmy Kimmel: Temp Agency Update

The good news is that all the candidates got to interview with real temp agency employees and found placements, at least according to the show. Have you ever worked for a temp agency? Tell me your story in the comments.


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