Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cousin Sal At The Movies & Flight Review


Jimmy Kimmel: Movie Theater Concessions

What’s the most annoying thing about going to the movies? Other than having to be around other people who can’t stop texting or talking, I’d say the biggest problem with theaters is the outrageous concessions prices. Jimmy Kimmel found a way to combine all these annoyances in his Cousin Sal At The Movies segment.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cousin Sal At The Movies


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cousin Sal At The Movies & Flight Review

Jimmy Kimmel sent his Cousin Sal to work the concession stand at a movie theater and annoy the confused patrons with his antics and spoilers.

With the Oscars coming up on ABC, movies are a hot topic of conversation. That is why Jimmy Kimmel sent his Cousin Sal to a movie theater to bother patrons trying to see nominated films before the awards ceremony.

Jimmy Kimmel: Cousin Sal Flight Review

Cousin Sal had the chance to work behind the counter at a movie theater, where he spilled a man’s popcorn while doing an impression of the Denzel Washington movie Flight, and then tried to serve him spilled popcorn from the counter. Finally, he doused the man’s popcorn box in butter.


The next man was outraged at the size of his “small” popcorn, and he asked to speak to the manager. After briefly disappearing in the back, Sal re-emerged wearing a mustache, which did not fool the man.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Cousin Sal Argo Review

Next came two women on their way to see Argo. They wanted to split a popcorn, and he tried to charge them two different prices. Then he attempted to spoil the movie for them and confused them about their change.

The women agreed that they liked Ben Affleck, but they did not appreciate Sal’s continued attempts to confuse and annoy them. Who would, really?

If you live in LA, do you just have to assume that you are at risk for a hidden camera prank at any time? That has got to get old after awhile, especially with all the pranks that end up on shows like this.


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