Jimmy Kimmel Live Confusing Question: Cuba, Jay-Z, Obama & Korea


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Confusing Question

Time and time again, Americans prove they will do or say anything to be on TV. Before another Confusing Question of the Day, Jimmy Kimmel talked about a new alcohol-free bar in the Chicago area.

Jimmy Kimmel: The Other Side Review

Jimmy Kimmel Live Confusing Question: Cuba, Jay-Z, Obama & Korea

Jimmy Kimmel posed a complex and Confusing Question of the Day to pedestrians about Korea, President Obama, Jay-Z in Cuba, and federal tax spending.


In Chicago, a new alcohol-free bar is opening, which just sets the stage for “truly horrible dancing.” It has all the bar games, but no alcoholic drinks. The Other Side is located in Crystal Lake.

Jimmy also featured a cell phone video of a subway rider who was getting very in tune with the music in his headphones. Kimmel enhanced the audio to hear what the man was listening to, and the joke was that the song was “If You Like Pina Coladas.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Confusing Question Of The Day

In light of recent events, Kimmel and his staff dreamed up a doozy of a question for this week’s Confusing Question, where random pedestrians are flummoxed and perplexed. Let’s see if I can get this all down.


In light of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s recent trip to Cuba, do you support President Obama’s new plan to allocate 5% of federal tax dollars to fortify John Kerry against South Koreans, should Ahmadinejad move forward with his nuclear program?

Jimmy Kimmel: Cuba & South Korea Confusion Question

You know people had something ignorant to say about this mess. The first mark gave up listening pretty quickly and just agreed with whatever she was asked.

A middle aged couple emphatically agreed with the statement. Then came a young man who listened very intently before asking to have the entire question repeated.

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Then someone said it was “a good question,” but vamped about why he could not answer–he should run for office, because he tossed off three different complex ways to say “I don’t know” in a hurry. If you’re curious, the man was wearing Gucci Guilty Black.

Last, a man with long hair tried to parse the question and ultimately came to the accurate conclusion that the show was just messing with people’s heads. Would you be able to figure out the truth?


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