Jimmy Kimmel Live: Chinese Friends Sitcom & Chris Brown Vs Frank Ocean


Jimmy Kimmel: Chinese Friends & How To Draw States

Do you know how to draw the state where you live? Jimmy Kimmel put real people to the test, and he also previewed a new Chinese Friends based on the US sitcom.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Chris Brown Vs Frank Ocean

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were Jimmy’s guests, and if you count Kim’s gestating baby, “we have two and a half Kardashians.”


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Chinese Friends Sitcom & Chris Brown Vs Frank Ocean

Jimmy Kimmel Live previewed a new Chinese Friends adaptation called Planet Homebuddies and weighed in on the dispute between Chris Brown Vs Frank Ocean. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Chris Brown recently got into a scuffle with Frank Ocean after an incident in a recording studio parking lot. Brown compared himself to Jesus in a Twitter post of a painting.

“He’s almost as bad a painter as he is a boyfriend,” Kimmel observed. He said that it spurred him to create art of his own.


Jimmy Kimmel: Can You Draw Where You’re From?

Jimmy asked his Cousin Sal to stand on Hollywood Boulevard and challenge passersby to see whether they could draw their home states on an easel. Jordan from Kentucky was first up, and he had opal stones as gauges in his ears.

He stepped up to the easel and took his best shot at drawing Kentucky. He was pretty close, especially given that the Ohio River forms the jagged northern border. He was rewarded with a lint roller.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: How To Draw States

Mary from New York was the next brave contestant. She was unsure of whether she could draw her home state, but she gave it a try. Her drawing was more rectangular, but she was on the right track. States are not easy shapes to draw, after all. Her prize was a container of salt.

Next up was Joel from Illinois. The White Sox fan stepped up to the easel and made a stab at Illinois, but his work turned out “more like Nevada.” His participation prize was an air freshener.

Last came Makayla from Texas, who said she works as a burlesque dancer. Instead of Texas, she drew something that looked more like a tomahawk. Do you think you could draw your own state?

Jimmy Kimmel: Chinese Friends – Planet Homebuddies

A new sitcom is set to debut in China, according to Jimmy, based on the US 1990s hit Friends. Kimmel joked that it was retitled Six Lazy People Who Do Not Respect The Wishes Of Their Elders. But actually, the show’s title translates to Planet Homebuddies.

Differences include that Phoebe’s cat will “smell delicious” instead of just being smelly. The theme song Jimmy showed was much more depressing than the original American version.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Unity Motorcycle Ride

In Oakland in January 2013, drivers stopped traffic on Interstate 880 to do donuts in the middle of the freeway. The drivers got away, but there were some viral videos posted online.

Then there was the annual Unity Motorcycle Ride in Los Angeles, which culminated in a surprise proposal for one of the riders.

Jimmy Kimmel: New iPad Review

A new version of the iPad has double the storage capacity of its previous model “and it comes with a trash can for you to store all the iPads you already have.” He said he would rather pay Apple to stop making new things.


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