Jimmy Kimmel Live: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Virgin Mary & Jesus Tortilla


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Charlie Sheen & Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jimmy Kimmel joked about celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlie Sheen, and Lindsay Lohan. Plus, meet a woman showed off her Jesus Tortilla on the local news, and a man who discovered his love of fitness later in life.

Jimmy Kimmel: Larry Johnson Albuquerque Fitness

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Virgin Mary & Jesus Tortilla

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlie Sheen, and a woman who saw a Jesus tortilla were all subjects of Jimmy Kimmel’s mockery. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Larry Johnson from Albuquerque celebrated his 93rd birthday with a 100-mile bike ride, at least according to his grandchildren. “The truth is they just push him around the hallways of the nursing home,” Kimmel joked.

Johnson took up fitness at age 50, and he has run 20 marathons and is an avid bike rider. Kimmel predicted that he would not be that active in his older years.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Virgin Mary & Jesus Tortilla

In Texas, yet another citizen called the news media to talk about seeing the face of God. A woman explained that she was making tacos when she noticed an image of the Virgin Mary in a tortilla.


But there’s more!. She said she saw “the face of Jesus Christ, on the other side of the same tortilla.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Arnold Schwarzenegger & Sharon Stone

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are among the stars in Scary Movie 5. “The only thing those two should really do together is a PSA called ‘Don’t Be Us,’” Jimmy said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared on the Australian edition of the Today Show to talk about an upcoming speaking engagement, but the show’s hosts had other topics in mind.

As Arnold recalled several of his memorable movie lines, the co-hosts went on and on listing movie moments, getting Schwarzenegger to laugh about “when I shot Sharon Stone through the head.”

Kimmel marveled at the fact that he was elected as governor of California.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Unnecessary Censorship

Who took the hit on This Week In Unnecessary Censorship?


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