Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective Test, Truth Fairy & Dog Eats $100 Bills


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dog Poop & Lie Detector

Are you ever too young to take a lie detector test? Not according to Jimmy Kimmel and his Lie Detective test. Dog poop was a major factor in this comedy segment, which also featured a new pet meme involving pantyhose.

Jimmy Kimmel: Dog Eats $100 Bills

In Helena, Montana, a man’s dog ate $500 in $100 bills. This happened in December 2012, while the couple left the dog in the car.


Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective Test, Truth Fairy & Dog Eats $100 Bills

Jimmy Kimmel mentioned a dog who ate $100 bills.

The man, named Wayne, said his dog, Sundance, eats everything. To get the money back, the man monitored his dog’s stool for months to make the money back.

He collected the pieces and expects them to be replaced by the US Treasury Department. Can you imagine having to be the customer service person in this scenario?


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dog Pantyhose Meme

Yet another meme has become popular online, this time with dogs wearing pantyhose. That creates the impression of a human-seeming lower half. Some of the photos included tiaras and makeup, which is just kind of mean.

Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective

Since lying is bad, Jimmy Kimmel has been trying to break kids of the habit in his role as the Lie Detective. At his old Brooklyn elementary school, Jimmy and his security guard, Guillermo, administered a lie detector test for a young student named Marlon.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo Truth Fairy

Guillermo’s role was the Truth Fairy, and he wore a pink dress with wings. Six-year-old Marlon was in the hot seat. He said that he liked to play basketball, but the machine determined that he was lying about enjoying school.

Marlon did admit that he cheated on a test by looking at his friend’s paper.

Jimmy Kimmel: Marlon’s 18-Year-Old Girlfriend

What’s the dumbest thing Marlon’s parents do? “My father says too many curses,” he admitted. Marlon even demonstrated one of the bad words he has picked up around the house.

Marlon even has an 18-year-old girlfriend, whom he met at camp. He is planning to marry her, and he said that his parents are supportive of his interests in the older woman.

He added that his two-year-old brother has a girlfriend, who is three years old.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dog Poop

Marlon also talked about stepping in dog poop and gum on the same day. He did say that he had fun stepping in dog poop, like a kid would.

I can think of a few more kids who could stand to be put through this lie detector test.


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