Jimmy Kimmel: Lance Bass Confession & Lie Witness News Inauguration


Jimmy Kimmel: Lance Bass & Obama Inauguration

Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with people on the street for Lie Witness News in honor of the inauguration. Plus, Lance Bass had a spectacular confession for the TV audience.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Presidential Inauguration

Jimmy Kimmel recalled this year’s presidential inauguration in an episode taped before the occasion. The star-studded second inauguration was set to feature “a lot of Queen Latifah.”


The festivities also included a swearing in on Sunday, the day before, to coincide with the January 20 official date.

Jimmy Kimmel: Lie Witness News Inauguration

Jimmy Kimmel: Lance Bass Confession & Lie Witness News Inauguration

On the heels of Oprah, Jimmy Kimmel scored a Lance Bass confession and shared a Lie Witness News segment on President Obama’s second inauguration. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Once again, Jimmy sent a camera out on the street for Lie Witness News, to see what people would say about the presidential inauguration, even though it had not yet happened.


Of course, one woman said that it was a part of history, and she even expounded on his speech, making up some of its contents.

One man said that he did not care for the ceremony, because it was boring. Then the interviewer started making up details and asking people questions, which they went along with.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Inauguration Witnesses

Someone agreed that the inauguration tap routine was “kind of worth it,” and others went along with suggestions that teddy bears and cake were served to revelers.

As for the made-up Nicki Minaj performance, the first woman said, “I loved it. It was really urban, what today is.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Manti Te’O

The Manti Te’O story was a hot topic in January, when this episode was originally recorded. “It turned out that the woman was Bruce Willis, and he was dead the whole time,” Jimmy recapped.

By now, we all know that the football hero’s girlfriend did not die, because she never existed in the first place. Kimmel compared it to playing fantasy football.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Manti Te’O Snuffleupagus

Jimmy shared a video of the fake girlfriend, suggesting that she was not made up after all. Instead, she was a snuffleupagus, from Sesame Street. That would have made for a much better Dr Phil interview.

Jimmy Kimmel: Lance Armstrong & Oprah

In January 2013, Oprah Winfrey interviewed Lance Armstrong, who admitted to doping in a confessional interview. Lance even cried for Oprah, but those tears made him grow new muscles.

Kimmel said he wished Armstrong would have confessed on his own show. Instead, Jimmy settled for a Skype confession from Lance Bass.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Lance Bass Confession

Lance Bass admitted that he frosted the tips of his hair in the 1990s, which I guess was the style at the time. Jimmy Kimmel called this practice cheating, which Bass agreed with, adding that JC Chasez knew what was going on.

Then Jimmy tried to goad Lance Bass into crying. He might have a future in acting if we are serious that N’Sync is never, ever getting back together.


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