Jimmy Kimmel: Kelly Oxford Tweets & Ikea Recall & Real Housewives


Jimmy Kimmel: Real Housewives & Kelly Oxford Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel shared his latest ideas for the Real Housewives franchise on Bravo and asked children on the street to read Kelly Oxford tweets that may have been too advanced for them.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Ikea Meat Ingredients

Jimmy Kimmel: Kelly Oxford Tweets & Ikea Recall & Real Housewives

From horse meat to feces to the wrong kind of lasagna, Ikea seems to be having big problems with its recipes lately. (JuliusKielaitis / Shutterstock.com)


Ikea continues to have problems with its meat containing horse. Then animal feces was discovered in the store’s cakes. For the trifecta, the company is pulling moose lasagna, because it contained pork.

Would you ever eat moose lasagna? I had never heard of it, and Kimmel said that he hadn’t either. “How is all this weird stuff getting into Ikea food?” he said. “From now on, I might only eat at Jennifer Convertibles.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Real Housewives Who Are Really Real Housewives


Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, visited Amsterdam, where he was approached by a shirtless female gay rights activist. He had an expression of total surprise, and he later said, “I liked it.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County is back on Bravo. Other Housewives cities include Atlanta, and from the mind of the Jimmy Kimmel Live team, there is another venue coming soon.

The Real Housewives Who Are Really Real Housewives series proposed by Jimmy’s staff involved cleaning and household chores. That sounds more relatable and less aspirational.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo Twitter

Guillermo seems to be having trouble operating his Twitter account, and has been tweeting nonsense or gibberish. Kimmel asked his security guard for an explanation, and Guillermo blamed his 16-year-old son.

Guillermo’s son also has to be teething; maybe he put his phone in his mouth?

Jimmy Kimmel: Kelly Oxford Tweets

Hilarious Twitterer Kelly Oxford has written a new book, and it landed her on Jimmy’s show as a guest. But first, Kimmel’s team hit the streets to have kids read some of her questionable tweets, that might be inappropriate for their ages, such as:

  • Is it yoga if you wear sweatpants all day and then hunch over the garbage can as you eat a burrito?
  • Cee Lo laid the egg that Lady Gaga came out of.
  • If your boyfriend complains about your PMS this month, remind him that you could have been pregnant instead.
  • Trying on clothing at H&M reminds me that children are terrible at sewing.
  • TIP: If you want to find the biggest a-hole at your party, leave an acoustic guitar out.
  • Toddlers & Tiaras is the prequel to 16 and Pregnant.
  • I like that glasses suggest intelligence instead of broken eyes.
  • Web MD is lies a Choose Your Own Adventure book where the ending is always cancer.

What is the most inappropriate thing you remember reading as a child?


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