Jimmy Kimmel: Hugh Hefner Esquire, Justin Bieber Assaults & Doritos


Jimmy Kimmel: Justin Bieber & Hugh Hefner

Jimmy Kimmel had the latest Justin Bieber gossip, thoughts on a proposed Doritos Taco chip, and stories about active seniors like Hugh Hefner.

As an aside, does anyone else think that Jimmy Kimmel’s suits look weird on him? It has been bothering me for awhile now.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Justin Bieber Poland

Jimmy Kimmel: Hugh Hefner Esquire, Justin Bieber Assaults & Doritos

Hugh Hefner and Justin Bieber were both in the news this week, representing celebrities young and old. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Justin Bieber was spotted at an airport in Poland, going through security with his shirt off. This was supposedly to cool down after his performances.

However, the temperature was 14 degrees in Poland. Does the excuse hold water? Jimmy Kimmel suspected it was a Marky Mark phase for the singer.


Jimmy Kimmel: Justin Bieber Assaults Neighbor?

Bieber could be facing battery charges after an altercation with a neighbor, who claimed that Justin had a Ferrari delivered and was speeding dangerously through the neighborhood.

The neighbor accused Bieber of spitting in the man’s face and threatening to kill him. He has also recently lashed out at paparazzi. What do you make of his behavior?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Doritos Taco Chips

Doritos is launching a new product. Last year, they created the Doritos Locos Taco with Taco Bell, which proved popular by using Doritos as a taco shell. The new product is a taco-flavored Doritos chip. What is the point of this?

“This is either a snack or a sequel to the movie Inception,” Kimmel said before showing a commercial.

Jimmy Kimmel: Hugh Hefner Esquire Interview

Hugh Hefner claimed in an interview that he has been with over 1,000 women, “one for every year of his life,” according to Jimmy Kimmel. He must have all the great lines.

He gave an interview to Esquire about his career and relationships. But he claims he is faithful to new wife Crystal Harris, since their December 2012 wedding.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: European Veterans Athletic Indoor Championships

At a recent European Veterans Athletic Indoor Championships in Spain, seniors competed in a 65-meter dash. There, a 94-year-old from Belgium raced a 95-year-old from Finland. Neither man was exceptionally fast, but it ended up being a close race nonetheless.

I can only hope to be that active by my 90s. It really makes you want to hit the gym.


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