Jimmy Kimmel: Huge Asteroid Liewitness News & Unnecessary Censorship


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Liewitness News

For Liewitness News, Jimmy Kimmel Live asked passersby if they saw the asteroid that has yet to pass by the Earth. Plus, he exposed some bad Iranian Photoshopping and performed unnecessary censorship on the week’s big events.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Iran Nuclear Testing

Jimmy Kimmel: Huge Asteroid Liewitness News & Unnecessary Censorship

Jimmy Kimmel asked people whether they saw an asteroid that has yet to pass by Earth, and most of them said yes. Bar Rescue made over the green room.


Last month, Iran introduced a military super jet, but aviation experts said that it is impossible for the design to fly. In response to criticisms, Iran released a clearly Photoshopped picture of the plane supposedly in flight. Jimmy compared the designs to the rides for kids outside grocery stores.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: 2012DA14 Asteroid Passing Earth

On Friday, February 15, an asteroid is expected to pass within 17,000 miles of Earth. “It’s the closest an object of that size has come to the Earth in recorded history,” Kimmel said. Scientists do not expect the asteroid to hit Earth.

But just in case, Jimmy sent a camera crew out to Hollywood Boulevard to ask people if they had seen the asteroid, which has not come by yet, and will likely not even be visible from America. Here is what they had to say.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Liewitness News Asteroid

  • A mature woman said the asteroid was “awesome” and “unbelievable”
  • Another man said that it was black and fiery
  • A third witness reported seeing bright green and white lights
  • The fourth witness compared it to fireworks
  • A group of three guys agreed to use Rihanna lyrics to describe the asteroid
  • A woman actually pulled out a phone recording she made of supposedly seeing the asteroid

That leaves one simple question: did you see the asteroid?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: This Week In Unnecessary Censorship

For a tribute to the FCC, Jimmy doctored clips from the BAFTA Awards, the Grammys, the State of the Union, and coverage of the recent Boston blizzard. Then there was the Westminster Dog Show, Savannah Guthrie’s Today PSA, and even a Bobby Flay recipe. And who could forget Family Feud or Spongebob Squarepants?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Bar Rescue Review

The host of Bar Rescue teamed up with Guillermo to make over the bar in Jimmy Kimmel’s green room. It included everything from buffet servers, a Guinness tap, and even a robotic bottle opener. New episodes of Bar Rescue can be seen on Spike TV.


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