Jimmy Kimmel: Harbaugh Family & Couple, Siblings Or Strangers Game


Jimmy Kimmel: Super Bowl Harbaugh Family

It was a Super Bowl throwback on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, with the Harbaugh family and a new game called Couple, Siblings Or Strangers?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Super Bowl Beer Commercials

In an episode from January 2013, Jimmy Kimmel said that commercials for chips and beer should really run before the Super Bowl, not during it. “It’s like selling tinsel on Christmas,” he said.


Jimmy Kimmel: Harbaugh Family & Couple, Siblings Or Strangers Game

Jimmy Kimmel joked about the Harbaugh Family allegiances at Super Bowl 47 and played the fun game Couple, Siblings Or Strangers? on Hollywood Boulevard.

For the Super Bowl, Jimmy said that he planned to eat a lot of junk food, making his stomach “Michelle Obama’s nightmare.” Guillermo told Jimmy that he planned to watch the game from home instead of partying with coworkers.

Jimmy Kimmel: Super Bowl Monday Holiday

Can Guillermo pronounce the name of quarterback Colin Kaepernick? According to Kimmel, this third attempt was the closest Guillermo was likely to get this year.


A petition to the White House asked the president to declare Super Bowl Monday a national holiday, I guess for hangover recovery. The petition got 12,000 signatures.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jack & Jackie Harbaugh

The Harbaugh brothers faced off as the first head coaches on opposing teams in a Super Bowl. This had to put the parents in a bad spot, and Jimmy showed footage of the parents’ press conference to announce their plans.

In a news clip, a fake Jack and Jackie Harbaugh joked that their son John was dumb as a post, and that Jim’s team would win the game.

Jimmy Kimmel: Harbaugh Halftime Show

What about the third Harbaugh brother, who is not coaching in the game? Jimmy shared an ESPN profile of the other brother, Josh Harbaugh, the middle brother.

However, Josh was set to portray a backup dancer for Beyonce during the Super Bowl halftime show. “This is my third halftime show,” he joked.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Couple, Siblings Or Strangers?

In honor of the Harbaughs, Jimmy sent cameras outside to Hollywood Boulevard for a fun new game: Couple, Siblings Or Strangers? The studio audience had to guess whether people in the video were romantically linked, siblings, or total strangers.

  • The first pair, Gloria and Lance, were strangers, which confused the audience.
  • Brennan and Kathleen definitely dressed alike. They turned out to be a couple.
  • Keith was black and Cheryl was white; the audience thought it might be a trick question and guessed that they were siblings, but they were actually a couple.
  • The next couple had the same accent, and the audience guessed right that they were siblings.
  • Pete and JD, the next pair, were obviously a couple.
  • Two hippies were up next, and the audience figured them for strangers, which was correct.


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