Jimmy Kimmel Fashion Insultants: Tattoo Artist & Stonewashed Jeans


Jimmy Kimmel: Fashion Insultants

According to Jimmy, Hollywood Boulevard is home to a wide array of fashions and styles. To give home viewers a sense of what is really going on out there, he sent Guillermo and his aunt Chippy outside the studio to critique what everyone was wearing. Also, from Oz The Great and Powerful, Zach Braff was on the show.

The first victim wore “American Apparel from head to toe,” but Guillermo thought her watch was too big for her. Aunt Chippy suggested that she pull her hair back somewhat and show off her face more. They also recommended mousse for her.


Jimmy Kimmel Fashion Insultants: Tattoo Artist & Stonewashed Jeans

Jimmy Kimmel introduced a new segment, Fashion Insultants, where he teams with his Aunt Chippy and friend Guillermo to critique pedestrians’ outfits.

“You’ve got to be a certain type to get away with that,” Chippy concluded. “Anybody else would think that she was a guy.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Punk Rock Tattoo Artist

Next came a simply dressed man, whom Guillermo compared to himself, because his legs were too short and he was overweight.


Another candidate “was a punk rocker in the ‘80s” who now works as a tattoo artist. His buttons, zebra stripes, piercings and chain wallet were perfect for his occupation, according to Kimmel.

Guillermo said he was too old to dress that way, but the man said it had been his look since high school. Aunt Chippy called the look “90% good.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Black Jacket Vs Navy Pants

A woman in a leather jacket and red top was told that her navy pants clashed with the black jacket. But Aunt Chippy said you are likely to wear a jacket with many different colors of pants.

The woman attempted to turn the tables on Jimmy, who had black stripes on his navy shirt.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Stonewashed Jeans

Another guy wore a matching purple hat and button-up shirt with a leather jacket and stonewashed jeans. “It looks like Biz Markie went to Jenny Craig,” Kimmel said.

The man was a musician, and he admitted that he does color coordinate his hat, shoes, and shirt as often as possible. Jimmy even tried trading pants with the guy, but he could not rock the stonewashed look.


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