Jimmy Kimmel: Dennis Rodman North Korea News & Justin Bieber Birthday


Jimmy Kimmel Live: The Bachelor & Dennis Rodman

The night’s hot topics included The Bachelor specials and Dennis Rodman’s interview about his visit to North Korea. Plus, among Jimmy’s guests was Sean Combs.

Jimmy Kimmel: The Bachelor Women Tell All


Monday nights mean The Bachelor night for ABC. Jimmy Kimmel said that this season has been popular and featured two tell-all specials. This time, the women told all about their side of the story. But on the next episode, “no one says anything,” according to Kimmel’s promo for the episode.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Justin Bieber Birthday

Jimmy Kimmel: Dennis Rodman North Korea News & Justin Bieber Birthday

Jimmy Kimmel broke down the most confusing parts of the Dennis Rodman interview about the former basketball star’s visit to North Korea with Kim Jong-Un. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Justin Bieber tweeted that he had a bad time at his 19th birthday party. The circus themed bash at a London nightclub ended early when he had a “run-in with security.” According to US Weekly, the club would not let Jaden Smith’s 14-year-old son into the party.


He wore no shirt and his pants halfway off in the London winter weather to his own birthday party. Kimmel predicted worse birthdays than 19 for young people as they start to get older.

Jimmy Kimmel: Celebrity Apprentice

Lauren Silverman became the first woman to try out for the NFL. She tried out as a kicker, but practice footage showed that she did not have her best day at the combine tryout event. Though she ended up not making the team, she has still set a record.

Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars includes Dee Snyer, Stephen Baldwin, Omarosa and Lisa Rinna, “who are all-star celebrities in the same way that I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter is butter,” Jimmy joked.

Jimmy Kimmel: Dennis Rodman North Korea

The cast also includes “our new ambassador to North Korea, Dennis Rodman.” He recently visited dictator Kim Jong-Un, and their friendship seems to be going strong.

Critics say that Rodman should not be making friends with someone who wants to destroy our country. Jimmy suggested using Dennis Rodman as a pawn.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Dennis Rodman & Kim Jong-Un

To help make sense of Rodman’s interview with George Stephanopoulos, Jimmy had the text of their interview written on a chalkboard. The only thing seeing it written out did for me was confirm that it did not make much sense. I wonder if this has something to do with why Rodman has canceled all the rest of his TV appearances.

Rodman’s notoriety has given Donald Trump something to talk about while promoting Celebrity Apprentice. “Dennis is not a stupid guy,” Trump said.

He is probably not stupid, but he is also not very well-spoken, at least when talking to George Stephanopoulos. Tell me what you think about Rodman’s visit to North Korea in the comments.

Jimmy Kimmel: Dennis Rodman Guess What Game

Dennis Rodman said “Guess what?” quite a bit during his ABC News interview, so Kimmel turned it into a game, getting his audience to yell “what?” every time Rodman said, “Guess what?”

He really did say it a lot, and I’m still not sure what to take away from that interview.


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