Jimmy Kimmel: Cousin Mickey March Madness, Passover Diet & The Voice


Jimmy Kimmel: Passover & March Madness

One person in the Jimmy Kimmel March Madness pool bet on Florida Gulf Coast, but she ended up in last place anyway. Plus, Jimmy shared his thoughts on the Jewish Passover diet.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: March Madness Office Pool

Jimmy Kimmel had to weigh in on the March Madness developments from the weekend, even though he said he has already lost the office pool.


The pool has been reduced to the Sweet 16, and Florida Gulf Coast University is getting great press after becoming the first 15-seed to make the cut. Only Jimmy’s Cousin Mickey picked the right team, because she liked the abbreviation FGC.

Jimmy Kimmel: Cousin Mickey March Madness, Passover Diet & The Voice

Jimmy Kimmel joked about the Passover diet restrictions, March Madness upsets, Tilda Swinton, and the return of The Voice Vs American Idol in his monologue.

Mickey admitted that she did not watch any basketball over the weekend. But despite her one correct pick, she is in dead last for the office pool. That’s partly because she filled in VOID on certain matchups for her bracket.


Jimmy Kimmel: Tiger Woods & Tony Stewart

Tiger Woods is making a big comeback on the golf scene. He has won the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and Nike posted a congratulatory ad proclaiming that “winning takes care of everything.” Jimmy thought that lawyers were on top of that for Woods.

Nascar driver Tony Stewart was angry after being cut off by another driver in a race. He threw a punch at the guy before giving a profanity-laden tirade to a reporter.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jewish Atkins Passover Diet

Passover has begun, and this eight-day celebration “commemorates the emancipation of the Israelites,” with diet restrictions on wheat, barley, or rye. “It’s kind of like Jewish Atkins,” according to Kimmel.

For Catholics, another milestone occurred this weekend when Pope Francis had lunch with Pope Benedict. It’s the first time two popes have gotten together in six centuries.

The popes also took some time for prayer during their meeting, but Jimmy Kimmel’s video showed them asking for favors in basketball as well as American Idol.

Jimmy Kimmel: The Voice Vs American Idol

The Voice returned to NBC with new judges Usher and Shakira. The blind auditions round got underway, and Jimmy thinks that the whole concept of the process is a kind of backhanded compliment.

On Fox, this year’s winner of American Idol will not be “an instantly forgettable white male,” as has been the case in several recent seasons. That’s just another blow for Caucasians, Kimmel said, after Mitt Romney’s loss.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Tilda Swinton Performance

A writer from Jimmy’s show brought in a poster from his neighborhood about a missing tortoise. Kimmel questioned whether pet owners should be allowed to care for others if they can’t track down a slow-moving tortoise.

Tilda Swinton gave a strange performance at the New York Museum of Modern Art. She slept in a glass box at the museum, and said that she plans to continue the occasional performances throughout the year.


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