Jimmy Kimmel Confusing Question of the Day: Obama Pardons Sequester


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Batman & Sequester News

Actor Ben Hoffman was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show. But first, Jimmy had a couple funny news stories to share, plus his newest segment, the Confusing Question of the Day.

Jimmy Kimmel: Batman In England

In an England town, a man dressed as Batman brought a burglary suspect to the police station. The man dressed as Batman slipped away before police could learn his real identity, which I guess is the idea.


Jimmy Kimmel Confusing Question of the Day: Obama Pardons Sequester

For his new segment, Confusing Question of the Day, Jimmy Kimmel asked people what they thought about Obama pardoning the sequester. What did they say? (Christopher Parypa / Shutterstock.com)

Larry King was on the local news show Good Day LA, and Kimmel said that live television can be difficult as you get older. He had an embarrassing blooper during the interview, because he apparently passed gas after being asked a question. Jimmy blamed his tight suspenders.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Sequester Budget Cuts


The sequester, a series of budget cuts forced by the standoff between the president and Congress. Since Jimmy Kimmel thought that the average person does not know much about what is really going on in Washington, he came up with a new segment: The Confusing Question of the Day.

Jimmy Kimmel: Confusing Question of the Day

To completely confuse everyone, Jimmy’s correspondent asked people on Hollywood Boulevard, “What do you think about President Obama pardoning the sequester and sending it to Portugal?”

The first guy said that he supported Obama 100%. A woman said that “Portugal should be protected at all costs.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Obama Pardons Sequester

Another man admitted that he did not understand the timing, but said that the sequester “should stay right here, where we need the jobs.” Another man was scared at the prospect of North Korea or South Korea developing their own sequester.

Then a woman, who admitted she did not know what the sequester was, conjectured that it might be a “robot terrorist.” Then another woman said, “I don’t know. I just voted for him ‘cause he’s black.”


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