Jimmy Kimmel: Aunt Chippy’s A-mazing Magical Miracle Sponge Bloopers


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aunt Chippy

If you are a member of Jimmy Kimmel’s family and you do not have your own recurring segment, what are you doing with your life? His outspoken Aunt Chippy was tricked into appearing in a commercial for the fake A-mazing Magical Miracle Sponge.

Jimmy Kimmel: A-mazing Magical Miracle Sponge


Jimmy Kimmel: Aunt Chippy's A-mazing Magical Miracle Sponge Bloopers

Jimmy Kimmel’s Aunt Chippy was on the show in a commercial for the A-mazing Magical Miracle Sponge. The more things started to go wrong, the funnier it got!

Cousin Sal and Brad, the commercial director, were on a commercial set with Aunt Chippy, for the sole purpose of getting her to fly into a rage. Chippy thought it was a tongue twister, and it was not long before she started losing her patience.

“I’m showing you the teeth I’ve got,” she said when the director asked her to work on her smile. She was not shy about sharing her expletives and obscene gestures.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aunt Chippy Bloopers

It does not apparently take much to set Chippy off. She started throwing the boxes of sponges and then became sullen. Then she turned on director Brad and blamed Sal for going along with him.

Next, Brad had the idea to have Chippy mouth the words while Sal provided the voice, which of course she thought was a terrible idea. It was actually hilarious, but I don’t know why Chippy would put up with any of this. What did she think was going on?

Jimmy Kimmel: Aunt Chippy Anger

Then when it was time to demonstrate how the sponge worked, the water in the sink on the set was not turned on. Of course that set Chippy into a rage, but the sink actually seemed to be controlled by someone else.

When Brad tried to turn on the water, it worked fine. But every time Chippy tried it, no water came out of the faucet. This did not make Chippy any happier.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aunt Chippy’s Soap Sponge

Then it was time to apply soap to the sponge. This product supposedly required you to squeeze soap down the arm of a glove so it would come out a hole in the hand and run onto the sponge. Of course it was too complicated–it was supposed to upset Chippy, and it worked.

She drew the line at saying the tagline about it being so easy a woman could do it. That was a lot of fun! Maybe Aunt Chippy should guest host sometime.


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