Jimmy Kimmel: Wisdom Teeth Viral Video & OCU Sophomore Abbie Kritz


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Abbie’s Wisdom Teeth

Abbie Kritz from Oklahoma is an average sophomore, but she is getting her 15 minutes of fame thanks to a hilarious video that went viral during her recent spring break.

Jimmy Kimmel: Wisdom Tooth Viral Video

Jimmy Kimmel: Wisdom Teeth Viral Video & OCU Sophomore Abbie Kritz

Jimmy Kimmel talked with Oklahoma Christian University sophomore Abbie Kritz, whose spring break extraction surgery spawned a wisdom teeth viral video.


A new viral video is making the rounds starring a 19-year-old Oklahoma Christian University sophomore named Abbie. She had her wisdom teeth taken out over spring break, and her post-surgery video has gone viral. She cried and sobbed in the backseat, apologizing to her wisdom teeth for killing them. Have you seen this video? What’s the craziest wisdom teeth story you have ever heard?

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Wisdom Teeth Viral Video

The hilarious video continued when Abbie made it home to continue her recovery. She tearfully showed her extracted teeth to her family members, crying that she was sorry for killing her teeth and not allowing them to be part of her body.

That is a pretty hilarious video, and the Jimmy Kimmel team connected with Abbie on Skype to talk about her memorable spring break. Now she is feeling great and is back to normal.


Jimmy Kimmel: Abbie & Dylan Wisdom Teeth

Her boyfriend Dylan was responsible for filming the video, and she does not remember being upset or anything that happened. She thought the video was hilarious and disturbing when she saw it after she recovered.

The boyfriend, Dylan, was also on hand, and Kimmel congratulated him on capturing her hilarious moment. But it was Abbie who decided to share the video online so her friends could watch too.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Wisdom Teeth Funny Video

Though she was upset, she did not take the step of naming the teeth. Since Dylan only had two of his teeth out, there is a chance Abbie could get her revenge if he heads back to the oral surgeon.

Students at her college are coming up to her and striking up conversations about the notable video. “This should be the only time you let a boyfriend videotape you and put it on the Internet,” Kimmel advised.

It sounds like this may be the end of her short acting career, she said on Skype from her dorm. Abbie was a great sport. I’m not sure I would have been so happy with my post-surgery video hitting the Internet.


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