Jimmy Kimmel Live Pedestrian Question: Do You Support Gay Marriage?


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Defense Of Marriage Act

A second day of arguments before the Supreme Court focused on gay marriage. The justices debated whether the Defense Of Marriage Act is constitutional. Jimmy Kimmel said that he hopes to see gay marriage legalized so that he can watch an eventual Gay Divorce Court TV show. Do you support gay marriage? That was the night’s Pedestrian Question.

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin was hit in the head with an umbrella during a live report on the news, which made for a funny moment.


Jimmy Kimmel: Red Equal Sign Logo

Jimmy Kimmel Live Pedestrian Question: Do You Support Gay Marriage?

With the issue before the Supreme Court, Jimmy Kimmel asked people on Hollywood Boulevard about their support of gay marriage in his Pedestrian Question.

Have you noticed a red equal sign on social media sites in recent days? Jimmy Kimmel said it is the logo of the Human Rights Campaign, which the organization asked social media users to make their profile pictures in support of gay marriage.


“It is literally the least you can do,” Kimmel said. “You almost did nothing, but instead you did just slightly more than nothing.”

However, he admitted it is nice to see something on Facebook besides the usual food and vacation photos.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Gay Marriage Pedestrian Question

Social media has also fostered lots of debate about equal rights this week. Can you tell someone’s views on the issue just by looking at them? That was the test in the night’s Pedestrian Question game.

On Hollywood Boulevard, show producers asked passersby about whether they support gay marriage.

The audience thought Lauren from Ohio was for gay marriage, and they were right. Kip from Indiana was thought to be against the issue, and the audience was right about that.

Jimmy Kimmel: Pedestrian Question Gay Rights

Don from Washington was thought to be for the issue, but he was against it. In a follow-up question, he chose Leonardo DiCaprio over Bradley Cooper.

Carmen from Wisconsin got a split reaction from the audience, but she was supportive of gay marriage. In a follow-up, she picked Scarlett Johanssen over Megan Fox.

Kelly from Oregon was thought to be for the issue, but he was against it. He refused to answer his follow-up question.

Jimmy Kimmel Pedestrian Question: Gay Marriage

The audience thought Jerry from California was for gay marriage, which was correct. For his follow-up, he selected Vin Diesel over Paul Walker.

Cathy from New York was also for gay marriage, and in her hypothetical, she chose Christina Aguilera over Britney Spears, to the surprise of the audience.

The audience did not know what to expect from James from LA. He said, “I don’t judge.” Then he chose Rob Kardashian over Justin Bieber.

Last, Bill from Pennsylvania was for gay marriage. In a choice between Sting and Regis, Bill chose Regis.


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