Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jim Jefferies Legit Review & Luke Bryan Performance


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jim Jeffries Legit Review

Jim Jefferies is an Australian comic who found success in the United Kingdom before traveling to America and hitting it big with his new show Legit. The new TV series, on FX, sees the comic playing himself and taking parts of his act to build entire episodes. One such episode revolves around Jefferies taking his wheelchair-bound friend with muscular dystrophy to a brothel for the first and probably only time he will experience sleeping with someone.

Jefferies worked at developing numerous shows before Legit but with no success. When he pitched the idea for Legit though, it was on the air in less than 12 months, a pretty good turnaround for a new series especially from someone who hadn’t had a series before.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jim Jefferies Legit Review & Luke Bryan Performance

Jim Jefferies is stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about his new show Legit and Luke Bryan is stopping by to perform some country hits. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jeff Jefferies Is a Father

While on the Opie and Anthony Show last year, Jefferies revealed he and his girlfriend were expecting. On November 6 2012 Jefferies’ girlfriend gave birth to their first child, Hank Jefferies.

I wonder if that will make it into his comedy routine? Or maybe into the show?


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Luke Bryan Performance

What would you be doing if your latest album was selling really well, you took home nine American Country Awards, you headlined your own tour around America and you earned yourself a few nods at the ACM awards, including the coveted Entertainer of the Year award? Well, if you are Luke Bryan you are simply sitting back and enjoying your time.

He told reporters as a news conference he is not trying to be the type of entertainer who looks back at the rise and fall of their career and becomes bitter about it. The humble Bryan told reporters, “I understand that somewhere there’s a peak and a crest for me, and I’m going to enjoy all levels. I’m going to enjoy this ride that I’m on, and when it slows down, that’s when it will be time for another phase of my life.”

With all his success, it just seems right for him to play a few shows on the late night circuit and March 6 2013, he is stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to put on a good ol’ fashioned country performance.


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