Jimmy Kimmel: Jason Bateman Disconnect & Arrested Development Season 4


Jimmy Kimmel: Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman is having a big spring, returning for the Arrested Development season 4 revival. Meanwhile, you can see him in the movie Disconnect. He was Jimmy Kimmel’s guest, and he talked about growing up on the Universal lot.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Jason Bateman Universal Studios


Bateman was sporting a full beard, which he joked was for Teen Wolf 3. At least I hope it was a joke.

Jimmy Kimmel: Jason Bateman Disconnect & Arrested Development Season 4

Jimmy Kimmel talked with actor Jason Bateman about his new movie Disconnect and the long-awaited Arrested Development season 4, out this May on Netflix. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)

In addition to his acting roles, Bateman and Will Arnett produce digital projects as well. He said that it is a full circle moment, because he used to do Silver Spoons right by where his Universal Studios office is now.


He is working in the same place that he used to do his homework on the set.

Jimmy Kimmel: Jason Bateman & Ricky Schroeder

It was an interesting place to grow up, according to Bateman, with the Jaws lake, tram rides, and more fun trouble to get into. He used to run around with co-star Ricky Schroder, and they would ride their bikes together.

The studio did not appreciate the actors stealing goldfish from Jaws Lake, because it ruined the scary effect for the tourists. Other than that, not much mischief seemed to transpire on the lot.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Erin Gray Silver Spoons

Bateman also explained that they used to rehearse for a mostly older audience. He and Schroeder would get up in the catwalks of the studios and shoot spitballs into the old ladies’ hair.

They could also see the wardrobe changing area, where they could watch their co-star Erin Gray. That sounds kind of creepy, actually.

Jimmy Kimmel: Jason Bateman Disconnect Review

Bateman plays the patriarch of a fractured family in Disconnect. “You need a beard for drama,” he said of his new facial look.

Disconnect is in theaters on April 12 2013.

He guessed that his directors are trying to illustrate that he is taking on some dramatic roles by having him grow the beard. As for the divide between comedy and drama, he admitted that he has a hard time crying on camera, which is harder than making yourself cry.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: How To Cry On Camera

Bateman explained that he has a trick up his sleeve: he puts on a sad song using his iPhone to help him get into the mood. But he refused to give up the name of the song or artist that helps get him to cry.

He tries to imagine how he would feel if something bad happened to his daughters, such as burning themselves with a hot kettle on the stove. But sometimes the sad stories can escalate if the scene requires many different takes.

“It’s not a fun process, but it is effective,” Bateman said.

Jimmy Kimmel: Arrested Development Season 4

There are 15 new episodes of Arrested Development coming to Netflix in May 2013. The show is a little different than it was in its Fox days. That is because the new episodes are the first part of a story that will hopefully be resolved in a future movie, which I think is a dirty trick to get the audience to demand a movie.

But the action in the stories unfolds simultaneously, which should at least have people talking about the show once its new season pops up on Netflix at the end of May.


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