Jimmy Kimmel: Guillermo On Splash, Greg Louganis & Brandi Chastain


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Guillermo On Splash

Have you seen the new ABC reality competition Splash, which forces pseudo-celebrities to try diving, whether they like it or not? The show is on Tuesday nights, and Kimmel said that his security guard, Guillermo, would have been perfect for the show, since he is afraid of both heights and swimming. That is exactly why Kimmel sent Guillermo over to Splash to do some training with Greg Louganis. He wore a bright green robe and a floral swim cap for his training session.

Jimmy Kimmel: Guillermo & Splash’s Greg Louganis


Jimmy Kimmel: Guillermo On Splash, Greg Louganis & Brandi Chastain

Jimmy Kimmel sent Guillermo to the set of ABC’s Splash, where he learned to dive with help from Greg Louganis, Brandi Chastain, Louie Anderson and others.

Guillermo came armed with a forged note from his doctor instructing that he not be allowed to dive. For the first training task, Greg asked Guillermo to dive for change at the bottom of the pool.

The poor security guard was afraid that he would drown, and he seemed to have trouble holding his breath. Greg was very patient with Guillermo, who was a great sport about the whole thing.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Splash Brandi Chastain

Later, he met Brandi Chastain, who said that she prefers soccer to diving. So does Guillermo. Brandi and Guillermo both admitted that they have peed in the pool on occasion.

Contestant Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was also on hand at Splash, and he shared some advice: “Go slow. Don’t try to do a whole lot at first.”

Jimmy Kimmel: Guillermo & Louie Anderson

Then Guillermo used a water harness to work toward his diving skills. He was reluctant to say the least. “The American Dream is hard,” Guillermo observed.

Eventually, Guillermo was successful at his dive attempt, with a little help from the harness and Greg in the pool. Before he left, Louie Anderson insisted that Guillermo attempt a five-meter dive with him.

That looked like it had to hurt. Would you ever want to go diving with celebrities? The one thing I don’t understand is why this show isn’t on in the summertime. That seems like more appropriate diving weather.

You can see more diving action in Splash, Tuesday nights on ABC.


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