Jimmy Kimmel: Earlie Johnson Burglary, Adult Education & Angela Morton


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Earlie Johnson Burglary

Jimmy had a one on one interview with burglary victim Earlie Johnson, who is making national headlines after his DVD collection was stolen. Kimmel’s guest list also included Stanley Tucci.

Earlie Johnson was recently the victim of a burglary, and among the items stolen was his vast collection of exotic entertainment. The hilarious title of the news story was “Stolen Fantasies,” and Earlie said his collection dated back to the 1970s.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Earlie Johnson Stolen Fantasies

Jimmy Kimmel: Earlie Johnson Burglary, Adult Education & Angela Morton

Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Earlie Johnson, whose story of a burglary is making national news because his $7,000 video collection was stolen from his home.

“My collection was the best in Michigan. A guy in Connecticut told me that,” he said. The local news continues to be remarkable.


He said his collection was worth $7,500, and movie companies are pitching in to help Earlie restore his completed collection.

Jimmy Kimmel: Angela Morton & Earlie Johnson

For an update on the story, Jimmy checked in with Earlie, who claimed to have every African American who appeared in the genre since the 1970s. He and his girlfriend, Angela Morton, were on the show via Skype.

Earlie said that he lost count of how many videos he had collected through the years. Whoever broke in left the drawer open, and Angela discovered that the valuables were missing.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Earlie Johnson Adult Education

Why isn’t Earlie embarrassed to tell his story? He said he thinks of this genre of entertainment as educational, and thinks that it helps him keep his relationship fresh. That is a positive attitude.

For her part, Angela said that his education is paying off for her. Johnson said that he actually had his collection appraised at over $7,000. He did seem to indicate that he has spent more on his movie collection than on Angela’s engagement ring.

Jimmy Kimmel: Local News Appraisal

In another clip from the local news, a reporter revealed that a dealer in Holland appraised the materials. Since the couple kept renter’s insurance, they will be able to replace many of the other items that were stolen. But the collection will be a lot harder to recreate.

The report also indicated that Angela, not Earlie, called the police.

“Somehow, they found the three whitest people on earth to do that story,” Kimmel said.

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Earlie Johnson Wedding

Earlie said he did have a favorite movie from his collection, but the name was not appropriate to repeat on television. At least the couple’s wedding plans have not been derailed by the crime.

But he did have a final message for the unknown criminal: “Thank you!” I guess he is enjoying the notoriety.

That is an interesting story, and I have to give it up for their candor. They seem like they really love to laugh and enjoy one another’s company.


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