Springer: Boyfriend Cheats with Co-Worker & Solomon’s Family Affair


Jerry Springer: Solomon Sleeps with Sister-in-Law & Cheating Boyfriend

Springer: Boyfriend Cheats with Co-Worker & Solomon's Family Affair

On April 29 2013, Bethany believes that her boyfriend is unfaithful and cheats with co-worker. Solomon reveals he’s been sleeping with his sister-in-law.

On April 29 2013, Jerry Springer starts the week his way: with plenty of fist fighting, weave flying, drama.  Solomon has been sleeping with his wife’s sister. Then, Bethany’s boyfriend may be hooking up with a co-worker. Also, Jason’s fiancée reveals a dirty little secret.


Solomon Sleeps with Sabrina’s Sister

Solomon’s wife Sabrina is not going to forget this indiscretion. Solomon reveals on April 29 that he has been having relations with her sister. Sabrina can’t quite believe it the first time he says it. As soon as he confirms, she gives him a slap as payback.

That’s not all. After hearing the her husband has been cheating, Sabrina has to attack the other woman. What one can only assume is Sabrina’s sister comes out on stage. She calls her sister drag queen and isn’t afraid to tell her where to go.

Bethany’s Boyfriend Cheats with Co-Worker

Also on this episode, Bethany’s boyfriend reveals his shady ways. Bethany’s sister thinks that he has been seeing a co-worker behind Bethany’s back. He tells her that he would never sleep around on his girlfriend. She’s everything he could ever want and more.


Until he laid eyes, and hands, on his co-worker. She comes out and tells him he’s been caught with his pants down. It’s time to the boyfriend to own up. The co-worker tells him that everyone already knew about his cheating ways. The boyfriend tells her he would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for her and her big mouth.


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