Jerry Springer: Woman Turns Herself into Human Brownie & Tails Cheats


Jerry Springer: Tails Confesses to Sleeping with Reese’s Friend

Reese had a tough time delivering her baby and it had nothing to do with the labor. While Reese was in the hospital, her boyfriend Tails decided to stop in and tell her he has been cheating on her with her best friend Renee.

Jerry Springer: Woman Turns Herself into Human Brownie & Tails Cheats

Jerry Springer June 21 2013 watches a woman turn herself into a human brownie for another woman’s husband and Tails cheats with three women then proposes.


“She is like my best friend and you know that and you sleep with her,” said  frustrated Renee when she confronted Tails on Jerry Springer.

According to Tails, the only reason he cheated was because he is always getting kicked out the house by Reese for doing nothing. He claims if she hadn’t kicked him out so often, he would have never cheated on her.

While Reese and Renee scuffle over each other sleeping with the same man, Jerry Springer reveals there is another woman in the mix as well, Crystal. Apparently Tails has also been sleeping with her too.


The drama continues as all three of the girls fight and then Tails gets down on one knee. He proposes to Reese right in front of the other two girls and Crystal can’t believe she isn’t the one getting the ring.

“I don’t have two rings. I got one,” said Tails when Crystal asked he didn’t want to be with her.

Jerry Springer: Woman Turns Herself into a Human Brownie

Jerry Springer has an unusual couple on the stage later in the show. A woman comes on the show just so she can please her man.

“I came her to turn myself into a human brownie for you,” said the woman who then began pouring chocolate, fudge and peanuts all over her body.

This might seem like a sweet gesture, and the guy looked pretty excited, but his smile turned upside down when his wife came running out from backstage. Jerry has always got to mess up the fun times.


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