Jerry Springer: Wild Party Confessions At Club Jerry & Grow Up Or Else


Jerry Springer May 20 2013

If I ever attended a taping of The Jerry Springer Show, I hope they would instruct us on what to yell at the guests during their fights. I know the most common refrain is “Jerry!” but sometimes they also yell insults at people on the show, which is what they will be doing on the “Club Jerry” episode, airing May 20.

Jerry Springer: Club Springer

Jerry Springer: Wild Party Confessions At Club Jerry & Grow Up Or Else

On May 20, Jerry Springer’s guests are visiting Club Jerry to settle their differences in and out of the bedroom. Is it time for a man to give up partying?


I’m actually surprised that there is not a chain of entertainment establishments catering to fans of Jerry’s, which could be named Club Jerry or Club Springer. Exotic entertainment seems to be the theme of this show, as women confront one another and men are taken to task for their after-hours activities.

The May 20 show is slated to feature confessions about pregnancy, cheating, and the partying life. This may sound crazy, but I am getting to the age where I don’t understand how college kids can stay out all night. Your sleepless habits may catch up with you one of these days.

Jerry Springer: Grow Up Or Else

Joyce is frustrated with her boyfriend because he parties all the time. She is having their second child, and she thinks it is time for him to settle down and start being supportive of their family rather than spend all of his time running around.


Can she get him to take her seriously and make changes in his lifestyle, or is she wasting her time trying? Tune in to see if she gets results on May 20 2013.

Jerry Springer: Club Jerry

Lenny has a confession to make about his wild nights of partying at the club. What will happen when he tells the truth about what went on when he was out away from his girlfriend? Plus, women are facing off when Kaneisha has a score to settle. That’s all coming up on Monday’s episode of Springer.


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