Jerry Springer: Wild Girl Confrontation & Losing Your Virginity


Jerry Springer May 6 2013

Jerry Springer is tackling more wild relationships and shocking family secrets on the May 6 2013 episode. Meet a woman who wants to lose her virginity to a married man. Is Erin’s fiance cheating with other women? What will happen when another guest confronts a suspicious “wild girl”?

Jerry Springer: Losing Your Virginity

Jerry Springer: Wild Girl Confrontation & Losing Your Virginity

It’s a Wild Girl Confrontation on the May 6 episode of Jerry Springer. Guests are facing the other women they think are trying to ruin their relationships.


It’s often said that you want your first time to be special. The typical advice is to find someone you care about and trust. But what happens if you find that person and he is already married…to your friend?

That is Eileen’s story. She has decided she wants to have a memorable first time, and she even knows who she wants her partner to be. The problem is that he is off the market, because he is married to her friend!

Have you ever seen a marriage torn apart by an interloping friend? How did the couple handle the situation? Hopefully it was less violent than the confrontation that is bound to happen on Jerry Springer’s stage.


Jerry Springer: Cheating With Other Women?

Erin said she has heard through the grapevine that her husband-to-be is still running around, cheating with other women. On May 6, she wants to confront him and find out if he has been unfaithful. Can they work things out, or is time for them to give up on this relationship?

Jerry Springer: Wild Girl Confrontation

Kylie is convinced that her boyfriend is being stolen out from under her, thanks to a wild girl she thinks is out of control. Is this wild girl a bad influence on Kylie’s boyfriend? I suspect that Kylie is going to take the “ask questions later” approach to resolving this dispute.

See what happens May 6 on Jerry Springer when Kylie comes face to face with her boyfriend and the woman she thinks is putting herself between them.


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