Jerry Springer: Wedding Cake Fight & John’s Affair Destroys Marriage


Jerry Springer: Dysfunctional Marriages & Affairs Gone Wrong

On April 24 2013, Jerry is bringing you more drama than you will know what to do with. Christina dreamed of her wedding day, but she never imagined that her husband would bring another woman as his date. She gives Tammy an earful and destroys her lovely wedding cake. How rude.

Jerry Springer: Wedding Cake Fight & John's Affair Destroys Marriage

On April 24 2013, Jerry Springer lets a couple fight it out with their cake. Then, John’s affair and marriage are both heading for disaster.


Wedding Cake Disaster

Christina is a blushing bride in a designer wedding gown. She’s ready to wed the man of her dreams on Jerry’s stage. The problem is that her fiance decided to bring his mistress to the wedding. Does he think he’s going to be the next star on Sister Wives? When the fiance explains that he has been cheating, Christina decides to slap him.

Tammy is on fire for her stolen man. She tells Christina what she did with the dirty fiance and Christina takes her own form of revenge. She takes her beautiful Jerry Springer wedding cake and then smashes it in Tammy’s face. This revenge is sweet and covered in fondant.

Is Marriage Permanent?

Also on this episode, John is debating whether marriage should be a lasting institution. He and his wife are not getting along and she seems to be pushing him around. That’s why John has turned to the love of another woman.


Not only is his marriage going down the tubes, but his affair isn’t much better. The girl insists that it was John’s fault, but John says that she had the best night of her life. This is just a recipe for disaster.


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