Jerry Springer: Two Marriage Proposals Denied After Cheating Scandal


Jerry Springer: Kimberly Confronts Husband’s Ex

Kimberly and Chad have been married for some time but Chad’s ex-girlfriend won’t leave them alone. While Kimberly thought it was strange at first but she is beginning to think Chad is cheating on her with his ex-girlfriend.

It turns out Chad and his ex-girlfriend, Chastity, are sleeping together and they are both ready to tell Kimberly.


“We have an uncontrollable sexual chemistry that can’t be denied,” is Chastity’s reasoning for breaking up a marriage.

Jerry Springer: Two Marriage Proposals Denied After Cheating Scandal

Jerry Springer June 12 2013 watched two marriage proposals get denied by two separate women after both found out their boyfriends were cheating.

Jennifer Turns Down Marriage Proposal

Michael and Jennifer have been dating for some. They have been planning to get engaged for a long time but it seems there is a bit of a hiccup now. Michael cheated on Jennifer with Felicia and now Felicia wants Michael all to herself.


“He wants to marry me and have a future with me,” yelled Jennifer as the two women duked it out over Michael.

In the end, it seemed Michael wanted to be with Jennifer more. He even got down on one knee in front of the Jerry Springer audience and proposed to her. Too bad Jennifer turned him down.

“Why would I marry you now? You betrayed me Michael,” said Jennifer to a stunned Michael.

Crystal Slaps Boyfriend for Cheating

Crystal was about to get engaged to her boyfriend but it seems the engagement is off after she found out he slept with her best friend.

“You think I’m going to marry you after your slept with my friend,” yelled Crystal while her boyfriend tried to propose to her. She even took it one step further and punched him in the face while he was proposing.

Crystal even takes out some of her anger on her best friend when she shows up on stage. Crystal is enraged and she is ready to fight anyone that gets in her face.


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