Jerry Springer: The Ringmasters Perform & Ricky Ends His Cyber Love


Jerry Springer: Ricky Gets a Manly Surprise From Bianca

Bianca is mad at her boyfriend Ricky because he never tweets at her, he never leaves her messages on Facebook, he never likes her pictures on Instagram and he never responds to any of the social media relationship invites she sends to him.

Jerry Springer: The Ringmasters Perform & Ricky Ends His Cyber Love

Jerry Springer May 1 2013 watched Ricky end his online romance with Bianca but not before she reveals a secret, and The Ringmasters performed.


It seems like Ricky has found the elusive “unlike button” and Bianca is about to find out he doesn’t want her to be a part of his cyber life. At least he got out of the house and had the common courtesy to tell her in person.

In Ricky’s words, he doesn’t want Biana to “write him, Facebook him or wink him,” although I have never heard of winking someone. Either way, Bianca said it is Ricky who sends tons of messages to her social media accounts, not the other way around.

When Ricky tries to break it off with Bianca, she gives him one last poke when she tells him she is actually a guy. Ricky and Jerry Springer both looked shocked. That wasn’t the end of the day for Ricky though. Jerry brought out his actual girlfriend who was listening to the entire ordeal go down backstage.


Looks like she is going to be changing their relationship status, especially after he admits to also sleeping with her best friend.

Ricky sure got himself into a cyber mess.

Jerry Springer: The Ringmasters Perform

Jerry Springer decided to take a break from all the craziness he usually has on his show for a new kind of crazy. He has invited the Ringmasters to perform their usual dance routines that include jumping from pillars in the studio, using each other as catapults and doing as many flips as they possibly can.

You have never seen anything like this acrobatic demonstration and you surely haven’t seen anything like it before on Jerry Springer.


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