Jerry Springer: Tamara the Angry Mom & Brandi’s Revenge On Co-Worker


Jerry Springer: Angry Mom & Co-Worker Revenge

On April 23 2013, Jerry Springer has unfaithful couples facing off for the most scandalous stories. First, Jamie has found raunchy texts on her boyfriend’s phone. Then, Brandi found a co-worker sleeping with her husband. Also, Kassie’s boyfriend has been getting with her housemate.

Jerry Springer: Tamara the Angry Mom & Brandi's Revenge On Co-Worker

On April 23 2013, a woman finds out that her boyfriend has been sending scandalous texts to another woman.


Jerry Springer: Scandalous Cell Phone

Jamie found some unsavory text messages on her boyfriend’s cell phone. She was less that pleased to find they were from his woman on the side. Could she walk out of this episode a single woman?

Jerry Springer: Brandi’s Affair With Her Co-Worker’s Husband

Brandi wanted to get back at her co-worker so what better way than to sleep with her boyfriend? What would warrant stealing a boyfriend? Stealing a stapler? Jamming the copier? Maybe this nefarious co-worker ate Brandi’s lunch? HR is not going to be happy with this one.

Jerry Springer: How Much Should Roommates Share?

Kassie’s housemate is the definition of jerk and her fiance is a synonym. I’ve heard of roommates borrowing clothes or sharing a carton of eggs, but never should your roommate share your fiance.


Jerry Springer: Jordan Vs Angry Mom

Jordan got a girl pregnant, but it wasn’t his girlfriend. The two women come face to face on April 23. The best part is Tamara, the girlfriend’s mother. She comes out, guns blazing, ready to break Jordan’s face. The crowd is behind her as well. They start chanting “Mom!” in her honor.

Jerry Springer: Food Fight

Also on Jerry’s April 23 episode, two girls are fighting over their boyfriend and donuts. Not sure why this is happening, but Jerry’s audience loves a good food fight.


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