Jerry Springer: Strippers Go Round & Strippers Ruin A Relationship?


Jerry Springer May 3 2013

You have to give Jerry Springer credit for cultivating a circus of some of humanity’s most outlandish characters. Rather than spending time on the science of DNA testing, he has devoted his show to the most extreme relationships you can imagine. His guests have often been known to include professional dancers, as is the case on this episode, “Strippers Go Round And Round.”

Jerry Springer: Strippers Go Round And Round

Jerry Springer: Strippers Go Round & Strippers Ruin A Relationship?

On May 3, Jerry Springer’s show will feature a Strippers Go Round and Round wheel to let dancers show off their skills. Will strippers ruin a relationship?


It’s a wheel of strippers on the next Jerry Springer show. Jerry literally brought out a wheel of surprises, that could stop on popular Springer verbs such as “kiss” or “fight.” The guests on this show will take the wheel for a spin, and who knows where they will land?

Don’t miss this shocking, surprising, and silly hour of TV if you are a Jerry Springer fan. Strippers Go Round and Round on the wheel, and there will be more than a few secrets revealed along the way.

Jerry Springer hasn’t made it over 20 years without figuring out how to impress his audiences with these crazy couples and fitful fights, that’s for sure.


Jerry Springer: Will Strippers Ruin A Relationship?

Marcus said that he loves stripers, like the woman named Juicy that he has taken a liking to. But what does his girlfriend, Laquisha, think about all this?

Can she convince Marcus that their relationship of eight years is worth more than some cheap entertainment? If so, she may have picked an inappropriate venue in which to make that argument.

However, the audience is sure to be entertained by the wheel and its mysterious options for all the guests, who will have to play along for the sake of the show.

Check it all out for yourself on the May 3 episode of The Jerry Springer Show, when Strippers Go Round. Would you ever dare to spin that wheel?


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