Jerry Springer: Sleeping With A Married Man & Cheating Boyfriends


Jerry Springer: Sleeping With a Married Man (His Wife’s in Jail)

Alex is stopping by Jerry Springer June 18 because she has some serious news she needs to talk with her boyfriend about. She has been cheating on her boyfriend, Chris, who also happens to the father of her child, with his brother Eric. She wants to clear the air because she said she feels terrible about what she did, but she does have a slight reason.

Jerry Springer: Alex Cheats with Married Man & Cheating Boyfriends

Jerry Springer June 18 2013 is talking with Alex about why she cheated with a married man and slept with his brother.


Chris is still married but his wife is in jail. He has essentially been cheating on his wife with Alex and she is very insecure about her position in the relationship. She tells Jerry Springer she doesn’t know who her boyfriend will choose when his wife gets out of jail.

“His wife is in jail and I am scared he is going to leave me again when she gets out,” said Alex.

When Alex finally tells Chris her deep, dark cheating secret, he is not happy. And when his sibling comes out to talk with him, he is even more infuriated. Apparently there has always been some sibling rivalry between the two and it really showed.


While the two brothers duked it out, one of them, Eric, began egging on his brother by saying, “Anything you can do, I really can do it better.”

Jerry Springer: Cheating Boyfriend Not Happy About Love Life

Jerry Springer is also calling on another cheater who wants to introduce his girlfriend to the woman he is dumping her for.

Amid some slapping, hair pulling and a few punches, the two women get to know each other pretty well.

What’s his reasoning for cheating, you ask? He tells Jerry Springer he is not happy with his love life.

“When do I get it? I get it what, once every two months,” said the unhappy cheater.


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