Jerry Springer: Sisters Fighting Over The Same Man & Wedding Catfight


Jerry Springer: You Slept With My Man

On today’s all-new Jerry Springer, Jessica tells everyone that her friend slept with her man. Her friend got a sob story from the boyfriend saying that Jessica was forcing him to marry her. While she has to deal with an unfaithful friend, she really shouldn’t be surprised that her no-good-boyfriend is cheating.

Jerry Springer: Sisters Fighting Over the Same Man & Wedding Catfight

On March 6 2013, Springer has some angry sisters on stage fighting over the same boy.


“If it wasn’t me, it would be someone else!” the friend tells them.

Don’t speak too soon. Jessica’s sister also got a piece of Jessica’s boyfriend. She asked her sister what happened and why she did it. The sister didn’t seem too beat up about getting drunk and sleeping with Jessica’s boyfriend. At least she brought a bouquet of flowers to make peace with her sister. I don’t think Jessica understands that you are supposed to put them in a vase, not rip them to pieces.

Whatever makes you feel better, Jessica.


Jerry Springer: Cheating Girlfriend

We’ve been talking about cheating boyfriends a lot lately, so it’s good to have some equally cheating women on the Springer stage. Crystal brings her girlfriend a wedding dress, engagement ring and all the fixings to get hitched right here, right now. She tells Jerry she’s madly in love. When she proposes to her girlfriend, she doesn’t get quite what she wanted.

Crystal’s girlfriend has been seeing someone else this whole time. She brings her on stage for a romantic smooch and Crystal goes in for her revenge. Who would’ve thought a wedding on Jerry Springer would end in a cat fight?


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