Jerry Springer: Scott Cheats on Stripper Wife & Big Boo Gets the Girl?


Jerry Springer: Scott’s Wife Strips for Money, He Strips for Love

Scott’s wife is not happy with her husband. When the couple began struggling with their finances, the only thing his wife could do was head to the local strip club and apply for a job. She hates the work and she wishes she didn’t have to strip for money, but she has to do it for her family.

While she might be making her decision to strip seem more noble than it is, she does have a reason to be mad at her husband. While she was out stripping for money, Scott was out stripping for another woman.


Jerry Springer: Scott Cheats on Stripper Wife & Big Boo Gets the Girl?

Jerry Springer June 14 2013 talked with Scott who cheated on his stripper wife and watched Big Boo dance around to try and impress his crush.

“Do you think I like doing that,” screamed Scott’s wife after she found he was cheating on her. “Look at me, Look at me. Give me a dollar,” she screamed mockingly at him.

The trouble continues for Scott when Jerry Springer brings out the other woman. Both women go right to work trying to pummel each other’s faces but the security broke it up before it got too crazy.


While Scott’s wife can only say to the other woman that he married her because he loves her, the other woman said her husband has been stripping off his clothes for her because he likes sleeping with her better.

Duke Dumps Felicia and Big Boo Steps in

Felicia just had Duke’s baby but that doesn’t mean he is sticking around to take care of the baby. He is done with Felicia and he has moved on to a new woman, Tiffany.

While Felicia wishes Duke would come back to her, she changes her mind when she finds out he has been cheating on her so quite some time with this other woman.

That’s when Big Boo steps into the picture. He has had a crush on Felicia for a long time but she doesn’t feel the same way about him. Even after he showcased some of his best dance moves, Felicia was still not interested.

“I look at you like my little brother,” said Felicia to Big Boo.

Maybe next time Big Boo. Maybe next time.


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